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June 16th 2012
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Today was rainy so we went shopping at the closest mall😊 The only stores I recognized were Holister and H & M. They had plenty of of places for the girls to shop but different stores. They also have a grocery store and a liquor store at the mall. Sweden doesn't know the word mall but they call them shopping centers. Yesterday when we were at the grocery store, they had small machines at the door that you could take along with you while you were shopping and scan everything you want to buy as you put it into the cart. You just put your credit card through the machine and scan each item as you put it in your cart. I suppose this means less waiting in the check out line. Erik taught us a new lawn game passed down from the Vikings (not the football team) called Kubb. It reminds me of a game we would play camping. Anyways, you line up sticks on both sides of the grass field and the other team tries to knock them down. It is a little more complicated than that but it reminds me of a combination of bowling and that bean bag toss game. We will teach it to all who want to learn. I looked it up nonlinear and it is there too if you want to know more sooner. Alicia celebrates her 16th birthday and we will celebrate fathers day tomorrow. Fathers day is not a holiday here this time of year but we will still celebrate!

Sorry I can't get pictures on this site. If you are interested in seeing pictures you can check them out on facebook.

Happy fathers day dad and all the fathers reading this.


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