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April 14th 2012
Published: April 14th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

It is now less than a month before I embark on this roadtrip and so far most of the preliminary details have been taken care of. The planned budget-goal is reached, most of the people I am going to visit have been contacted and verified, preliminary dates have been set.

I have only about a week left in my apartment before other matters need my attention for about two weeks, so I am starting to feel a bit stressed. At the moment there are a few things that are on my mind.

1) What if homeland security won't allow me entrance for any reason?

2) Do I have sufficient time to drive? I have to average 3.5 hours driving a day in order to make it, but it is a roadtrip and the name itself highly suggests that some driving is involved.

3) I haven't heard from some of the people I am supposed to meet. I really need to get hold of them in a few days, otherwise I have to replan and reschedule some of the people. It would give me more time in the eastern parts, so it's not all bad, but I feel a bit ashamed for making people plan and then have to change dates since they, in turn, have other obligations too.

Apart from that I am as ready as I can ever be. I have applied for a international driver's license and on Monday I'll contact an insurance-company to get an extended traveller's insurance.

It sure feels wonderful being this close of making such a great trip and I am sure I'll gain as many prejudices as I lose on this trip. I wouldn't go as far as calling The United States "the land of opportunity" because it's my firm belief that opportunities are everywhere - it's just up to each individual to find them and seize them.


17th April 2012

Leaving So Soon...
I know you will have a great trip!
29th April 2012

I think I will too :)
At least I am pretty sure I will.. If I'm lucky I'll be able to go back to Iceland again, this summer, too :) I just love travelling and much of my money goes into travelling! The planet is full of marvels and beauty and I am blessed enough to have a job that allows me to save the fund needed as well as do most of the travelling w/o applying for leave or use my semester-days :)

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