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September 17th 2004
Published: September 17th 2004
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Much to catch up. Took a tour in Amsterdam to cheese farm (gouda) and where they make wooden shoes. Saw windmills, took pictures and bought some post cards. And then canal tour. Rode a night train from Diusberg Germany to Copenhagen...sheats did not even recline so we go a bunk, and at least could lay down. Slept some, but not a lot. Went to the Botanical garden in Copenhagen, and then to Temple and temple housing. Had made a brand new chapel, with housing on third floor, and turned the old chapel (church owned property since 1930´s I was told, and took out the inside and made a beautiful temple). Very impressed with the trains here. Clocks and a 'moving' board to tell which train is coming and in how many minutes. Left the housing early and caught couple trains back to central station to catch the fast train to Stockholm. We had Swedish meat balls for dinner, going to look around Old Town, and then out to the temple and housing here. Stock holm station is very very large. Met a nice young couple on the train, they live in the Univ town of Lind (I think that the name) he a civil engineer, and she a lawyer. Very nice and could speak a lot of English. They take it in school, but same problem of not having practice to keep it up. She spent a year in New York as a nanny and he was in Aspen Colorado working as a waiter, and skiing for 6 months. How is Mom doing? We are checking our emails as well.


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