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June 8th 2009
Published: June 26th 2009
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So I didnt sleep one minute in the airport. I read my book on Rome when I got bored. Everyone around me was sleeping on the floor like it was a bloody hostel. I had to go to the washroom after a bit and i didnt want to leave my bag around, trusting anyone nearby. So i had to pack up everything and go to the washroom. When i got back i got some change into bigger coins for the internet. I lined up for the baggage check and supposedly i was in the wrong line, but there was nothing that said which flight it was for. Luckily the lady wasnt a smartass and did my check in for me and told me to take my bag to the delicate conveyer because of all the straps on it. So I went over to find that and went a bit further to line up for customs. I was really surprised that it was now 500 am and I wasnt that tired yet. Once I got through customs there was this American tourist with a laptop who got stopped by the police for something. I collected all my things i had to put through the scanner and listened in, but couldnt really figure out what was going on. Once I was through I checked out travel books on Sweden for awhile. Didnt buy anything I just got information on what I was looking for. Found an ipod touch at the store beside for only 140 pounds and was really close to just buying it but something was telling me not to.
So i got on the tram to my terminal which was two stops away. I guess they keep the disount airlines as far away as possible!! Anyways got there and sat in the lounge and watched the news just before I was to board. It took awhile to get into the plane lining up and all. There was some delay but, nothing major. I managed to find a window seat behind the wing. Two english girls sat down beside me. They noticed I was playing games on my ipod and never knew that was possible. Ha anways once we were away I ordered some breakfast, I got a egg and bacon bunwhich thing and a coffee. Terrible shit meal but I was starving and the plane was 3 hrs so it had to do. The girl beside me had her had between her legs almost the whole flight. Kind of odd, they gave me a cough candy incase I had troubles with the pressure in my ears which was nice. Quick flight we got into the airport around 9am and there was an hour time difference. Everyone lined up for customs in this tiny little airport. They wanted to know how much cash I had and why I didnt have a return ticket. I told them I had more than enough, then they asked me about where I was staying. I said I have no idea its still early. She said ok stamped the passport and I was off to see what Sweden was all about.
The very first thing I noticed was the language barrier. I wasnt in Britain anymore and it was a weird feeling. I wished I could understand what people were talking about around me. I walked around the tiny airport looking at options for what I was gonna do that day. I looked into renting a car, but that was gonna be really expensive. I think it was gonna be 500 for 3 days and that was the cheapest!! OUCH so i decided to check out the town nearest the Skansen airport, which was Nykobing. I exchanged the last of my pounds and was off to find the bus stop. I had no idea about this new currency the Krone and how much this cost. I paid 20 krone or something to take the bus into town. The driver had to help me in his broken english. I was kind of embarrased because I was holding up the bus. Got it all figured out and sat down by this Swedish family who were chatting away about god knows what. Got into town and realized it was the last stop because everyone got off at once. Walked off the bus and this older fellow approached me. He was english and was having some of the same trouble I was. He said that he was just stopping by on a connector flight from eastern europe to Norway. He asked me if it would be alright to come with me for a bit, and I was more than happy to have another english speaking companîon around.
I told him I wanted to find the library, and luckily enough i
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got a map from the tourist office in the airport. Found it no problems and asked the english speaking librarian if I could use the internet. No problems at all. She gave me an hour to use it and I jumped on and starting researching what the hell I was gonna do, and where I could get some rest. Hostel world told me there was no free beds in Nykobing on a monday night so right there and then I decided to check out Stockholm which had lotsa beds around 25=30 dollars a night. SO I booked a room. Talked to sarah on msn for awhile. The guy with me, told me he was gonna wait outside because he didnt need the computer. So after I was done i went outside to find the guy but he dissapeared. Oh well that was a short meeting. I went through town looking for a good place to get something for lunch checking out the scenery and admiring the language all around me. Small small town.
A lot of nice parks and stuff around there. I went to the supermarket but didnt really find anything that was gonna be too easy to prepare, so I went to this kebab shop type place and managed to order in English. I got some sort of bread bowl with kebab meat in it and salad for 62 krone with a drink. A few other people in there as well so I was happy. They had mtv sweden on which was kinda funny to see. Pop crap music though. Lady Gaga and what not.
After I finished i wanted to see what else the town had to offer. I walked through this park over a bridge and saw some people all gathered in a circle smoking a Hooka. Ha i was too chicken to partake!! Wasnt a whole lot to see there so I was glad I was off to Stockholm, but now I had to figure out how I was going to get there. I managed to buy a ticket at the convience store which was like 165 Krones. Couldnt figure out where I was supposed to wait for this bus or what time it was coming. In the meantime I went to find this museum that was close to the bus depot. Didnt manage to find it, and just went to the park where I had to have a rest on a bench. Fell asleep for a few mins. Then I went to the bus stop to wait. Asked a couple of girls where to wait and they didnt speak any english. SO I managed to find the stop where there were a few older people waiting. I almost got on the wrong bus Gotéborg. The bus driver almost didnt even notice me standing there as he got back on the bus after loading all the old farts luggage. I got his attention threw my stuff in the storage spot, and jumped on board to a jam packed bus. ONly a couple seats beside people. I sat beside some old lady, and fell asleep in about 10 mins. About 1.5 hrs to Stockholm where we stopped at the Central station. I had directions to Skanstull hostel where I made my reso, and took the train to Skanstull station. The guy at the window told me I could buy a cheaper ticket at the store across the way so I did that. Found the stop on the map and only had to wait a couple mins for the train. The 17 18 and 19 trains all went to Skanstull so there were lotsa trains. Got to the station and tried to figure out my directions. I walked down what was the complete opposite way to the hostel on the right street up and down for about 15 mins. I heard this loud music coming towards me. It was a bus load of kids with white hats on spraying booze everywhere. I thought they might be in the navy or something. It was really funny. I took a pic of them and waved, they actually stopped right across the road from me.

I asked a guy who spoke perfect english in the Avis rent a car store if he had ever heard of this hostel. He hadnt but looked it up on the net, wrote down the address for me and pointed me in the right way. I got a bannana and some water from there and said thanks. I walked down the road to where the hostel was supposed to be but never saw any signs. So I walked up the road awhile not seeing anything either. I saw some lady get pulled over by the cops who looked like they were gonna give her a huge ticked for something. Went into this store and asked them if they ever heard of this hostel. NOPE never heard of it. They looked on the net for me and after about 10 mins this other guy who was American i think came out and said ya, its just down on the corner of the main road there. HA so i said thanks very much and walked towards the right spot AGAIN!! Man I saw this sign that said bastards and pointed in the direction of the hostel so I knew I was in the right spot!!! Ha then I see that they have a tiny tiny sign that said to use the next door down. There was no buzzer for the hostel though. SO I tried the buzzer on the other door,NO Luck. This Aussie guy came around and noticed I was having troubles because by now I was getting pretty pissed off. He showed me to the entrance which was one more door down! I guess im pretty easy to fool.
Checked into the hostel which looked very posh. Nice and clean. There was a girl from BC in front of me checking in but I never saw her again. Turns out this Aussie dude was in the same room as me in room 5. Nice guy we got to talking about Sweden and travelling. He told me there was free pâsta and other things and free internet which was wicked. I think it was 30 something a night which was kind of expensive, but you wont find anything cheaper other than a park bench in sweden. I tried finding a couch but no luck.
So I thought I will get some sleep and rest up to go out that night and check out the scene. Made dinner which was completely free. Pasta with tomatoes, butter and pepper. Nice the guys were impressed. There was another guy sitting with my Aussie buddy Alex, who turned out to be sitting with another one of my roomies from room 5 Lincoln who was from Melbourne. They were sitting with two American ladies, one of which was in the same room as well. So it was a room 5 party. They poured me a drink of the 80% vodka they got from Poland and put a touch of juice into it. There was a couple from New Zealand who sat down with us and we all played Ive Never the drinking game. It got pretty dirty really quick. Lincoln turned out to be a major slut. He had sex everywhere, and had to do quite a bit of drinking. Ha it was really funny to hear the kinda stuff these people had done. Another Aussie girl, Lincoln had met before from Melbourne to, that was travelling on her own sat down with us for the game. Ha one of the guys said I have never had anal sex and she had to put her finger up!!! Gross but funny at the same time. At least she was honest I guess. Then we ran out of booze so I ran over to the store to get some. Turns out the liqour laws in Sweden suck ass. They dont sell booze later than 7 and they only sell it from one place. The government wanted the Swedes to calm down on the drinking I guess. So i got some groceries and a few warm beers to bring back with me. Luckily they didnt think I was a cheapass just making stories. So we finished up what we had and went out to see the town. The Kiwis never came out but all the rest of us were game. There was supposedly a place not to far away that Lincoln knew of that all the bars were. Problem was it was Monday. Nothing really too exciting happening. We found a place that was ok. I asked a bunch of Swedes outside if this place was good. They said yah it good, but expensive. They said I could buy them a drink!! I said ok....they were like that was a joke!! OK too bad girls from Victoria werent like that. Ha ha so we talked about speaking english. They told me everyone expects them to speak perfect english and its a pain in the ass for them. I said yah i wish I could speak swedish but i dont know how much I will acutally be able to use it. I went inside and Alex and the Aussie girl were obvioiusly getting intimate. In the washroom they had this wicked hand dryer that was as fast a jet. You put your hands into it and it takes like 2 secs. We left after a couple drinks to find something livelier. Found a place that was pretty much the same thing. We had this crazy Absinthe drink with Champagne. By now this Aussie girl was freaking hammered. She went to the bathroom to puke but never found it. SHe wound up in this broom closet. Ha after 15 mins she didnt return and I said you might wanna check on her. One of the Americans went to go but couldnt find her in the bathroom. haha Alex broke the light above our heads. Omg i was embarrased. Lincoln was too. This Absinthe drink didnt taste too strong but it kicked my ass in about 10 mins. I was pissed. 3 of them left to take pukey home and one of the Americans, Lincoln and I stayed out. We went to another place for a couple more beers. Lincoln took off to find women and the two of us stumbled home. Got to bed and just passed out in my clothes!!!on the top bunk as well


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