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Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Helsingborg June 22nd 2022

It was a bright sunny day and a new destination was on the horizon. After breakfast we took the metro to the airport and rented a car for the remainder of the trip. Oslo was our destination and we had all the time in the world to get there before sunset, after all it was the land of the midnight sun! Driving wasn’t an issue as it was a left hand drive system and google maps our friend! Highway E20 from Copenhagen took us through the Oresund tunnel and bridge to the city of Malmö in Sweden. An engineering marvel would be an understatement for this brilliant genius of structural engineering that connected two countries together and facilitated trade and cooperation. Part of the bridge is an underwater tunnel which connects to a manmade island called ... read more
the official Sofiero slot brochure/guide - here you see the wall of color!
Across the waters is Kronborg slot
late blooming rhododendrons -- just a few of them were enough to make my day

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Helsingborg June 3rd 2014

Scandinavian spring continues to amaze me! If blossoms were sounds, these last months would have been deafening! Each week seems to have a new treasure that I stumble upon as I make my way around town and the region. We are still over two weeks away from the longest day of the year, but already I’ve had to alter some of my habits in order to sleep enough. Since it is not dark until after 10pm, I have to fool myself by lowering my blackout shade an hour before I want to go to sleep so that I can unwind. My heart goes out to all of the parents trying to put their children to bed while the sun shines brightly! The upside for me is that I have an energy, which was absent for the ... read more
Apple Orchard
Here burgers are made with salmon

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Helsingborg April 10th 2014

Spring has arrived in Sweden! Though the weather has been mild since my move here, longer and warmer days have people peeling off woolen layers and moving their café chairs to chase the sun! I am certainly no exception. Helsingborg takes great pride in brightening the town with seasonal decorations. The lights and candles that lit up Christmas are long gone, but now the streets have enormous planters filled with tulips and daffodils. And going along with the Swedish tradition around Easter, bright feathers attached to branches take center stage in various squares. Beyond the tradition of feathers, Easter in non-religious Sweden has sweet buns filled with cream, semla lining the windows of every bakery. Little girls will evidently dress up as witches and knock on doors where... read more
Crocus lined walk
Tulips abound!
Good morning, Copenhagen!

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Helsingborg January 6th 2014

Happy 2014! I hope that the holiday season was a happy and healthy one for all. 2013 wrapped up splendidly here. A colleague and I managed to squeeze in a visit to Berlin for the Christmas markets and taste of a different culture and a big city. The school term ended with an incredible assembly with impressive performances by the students. Then my family arrived for a two-week visit! My train ride to Copenhagen to meet my family seemed a lot longer than it usually is! Once we had them fed and watered, and heavily caffeinated, we set off down the main pedestrian street in the heart of Copenhagen. We checked out a small Christmas market and its stalls. Thankfully, it was not so small that it didn’t have glögg. Everyone seemed to enjoy the warm ... read more
Berlin Cathedral
View from the top!
Skating in the Christmas Markets

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Helsingborg December 10th 2013

It happened! The turn from a mild winter into the one I imagined Sweden to have arrived. We had a “category 3” storm last week, complete with 44 mph winds and hail. It was exciting! Now the cobblestoned streets are bit treacherous and the Christmas decorations around town need to tended to, but there seems to be no lasting damage. It does mean, though, that my bike rides to work are a thing of the past, at least for the foreseeable future. The holiday lights do in fact cut through the increasing darkness, as I was promised. Christmas decorations and markets have sprung up around town. Lights like candles and illuminated stars seem to be the most popular for homes. The town has some chandelier sort of lights hanging overhead on the pedestrian streets. The most ... read more
Opera House in Copenhagen
After intermission mess
Lovely flight to Bornholm

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Helsingborg November 5th 2013

Well, because this update has been such a long time coming, I feel it only makes sense that it is divided into three parts: an update on Sweden, a brief overview of a brief trip to Warsaw, and a recounting of adventures with Winnie in Copenhagen and Paris! Sweden! As I seem to move about a bit in life, I think I have found a pattern to my transitions. The first two weeks are a honeymoon period where I am delighted by my choice to take on an adventure and dive in. Then, the following two months are filled with self-doubt and the spinning question of what in the world I moved for?! That is accompanied by a glorification of all that is left behind in the last location. Then, life finds a rhythm and I ... read more
Perogies in Warsaw... YUM!
Bar full of locals in Warsaw
Fall colors in Warsaw

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Helsingborg September 15th 2013

Well, I think the weather may finally be turning! I woke up to the patter of rain that has come and gone throughout the day. The weather has been extraordinary since I arrived. I knew that I was being lured into a false sense of security! The beautiful weather has meant that I have been able to profit from plenty of time outside! I'm certainly not alone in wanting to soak up these warm(ish) days. Something foreign to me is the presence of blankets offered by restaurants and cafes. Draped over the backs of chairs are fleece blankets that customers wrap themselves in as the sun sets; this extends the time one can enjoy dining outside! Beyond sitting outside to eat, I’ve taken in many more days at the beach. I now have a bike! That ... read more
Falsterboro view
Birders in Falsterboro
Morning coffee on the sound

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Helsingborg August 18th 2013

As I stifled a giggle as I bounced around the room in a Swedish aerobics class, I realized it was time to share with you about this adventure so far! The speedy version of the backstory is that 8 weeks ago I received an offer to teach at the International School of Helsingborg in Sweden! Naturally, I jumped at the chance. After some visa and passport scares and an extraordinary sendoff from family and friends, I arrived on the 1st of August. All through the quick hour-long train ride from Copenhagen, I was anxious to see the town that I was going to be calling home! As though the enormous suitcases I dragged behind me on the cobbled streets weren’t enough of an indication of my foreign status, I could not help but whip my head ... read more
Blonde. So much blonde!
Walking to the Louisiana Museum
Impromtu Jazz at Luisiana

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Helsingborg February 8th 2011

För er som såg mig på TV i helgen och trodde ni hallucinerade... var inte oroliga.. det var jag! **** Åkte hem för att dömma Fed Cup i tennis i Helsingborg, Sverige mot Ukraina. Tyvärr så förlorade Sverige 2-3 men det var bra och jämna matcher och det var super trevligt att få träffa hela domargänget! Vi bodde på Marina Plaza Elite Hotel i Helsingborg. Efter jobb på lördagen så var vi ett gäng som bastade, bastun låg på översta våningen med fönster över sundet, lyx! Sedan gick vi ut och åt tillsammans hela gänget på kvällen. Efter härlig hotellfrukost (med bland annat pannkakor och nutella!) så blev det dömning igen. Efter matchslut åkte jag hem med m+p+vic och vi åt god söndagsmiddag. Jag packade och sov sedan alldeles för få timmar. 04:15 ringde klockan. 05.35 ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Helsingborg August 26th 2010

Ondanks het feit dat de wind afnam, heeft deze nog goed met men tent gespeeld de voorbije nacht. Het gevolg hiervan is dat ik weinig geslapen heb en in zombiemodus verkeer. Ik rijd richting Halmstad waar ik inkopen doe. Bij Netto vind ik niet al men spullen dus ik zal nog eens moeten shoppen. Nog even langs de bib voor online te kunnen. Dit is een best een modern gebouw. Er komen ook nog wat studenten langs die voor hun ontgroening allerlei stunten uithalen. Bij eentje dat me passeert kan ik men lach niet meer inhouden. Na de 2de supermarkt begint de echte dagrit. Ik volg wat fietsbordjes die me over geïsoleerde fietspaden Zuidwaarts voeren. Deze zijn zeer rustig maar niet direct de kortste weg. In Laholm vind de lunch plaats waarna ik meer op de ... read more

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