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Europe » Sweden » Halland County December 2nd 2023

Gravel roads in Portugal, nah, not me I prefer a nice smooth tarmac road with many corners, no way. Wait, did you say Portugal and gravel for wimps? Ok I'm in not so much for the gravel but the sun and some Douro wine will do nicely A friend told me to take my smallest bike as my behemoth BMW would make it into more of a chore than fun and he also lied to me and said it would be fun. So the small bike is more a home for sundry spiders in my garage, obviously it's great fun for spiders to weave their nets on motorbikes. So I took it from the garage and got some service done and with a new battery is started and ran alright. The company that arranged this, takes ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland County » Varberg August 30th 2021

Finally,finally on the road again So this blasted virus has not been very good for anyone to put it mildly. A lot of people have suffered more hardship than me and will continue to, i was lucky to be born where I was born and two shots of Astra’s crappy vaccine have entered my immune system and hopefully will keep me from croaking before the due date. Anyway I managed to get two weeks off, ok I know that I could retire but with our climate I can’t be on the road the whole time. Somehow the French Atlantic coast beckoned to me so off I went, 3 gruelling days on the bike with up to 33C made me rather tired and thirsty at that, black gear made me into human solar panel. The motorway down ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland County » Varberg June 27th 2020

Metallica, UFO, three bridges, a chimney and many talking stones We would like to write a little about five somewhat unusual sites we visited this summer. These sites have very little in common other than all being located in Sweden and that they are somewhat unusual. One of them, the smokestack, we didn't see this summer. That's a photo we pulled out of the archives. But we throw it in here anyway because it fits nicely into this blog entry's theme, which is unusualness (which we of course know is not a word). The Metallica Memorial: Strictly this is a memorial over Cliff Burton who was bass player of the heavy metal band Metallica in their early days. In September 1986 Metallica was on tour in Europe. In the night, just outside the small village Dörarp ... read more
Gate to the UFO monument
The UFO monument
Tree damaged by the UFO

Europe » Sweden » Halland County » Varberg June 26th 2020

The only survivor The Grimeton Radio Station is a piece of industrial heritage which is so unique that it has been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Emma is not very interested in old radio stations so when Ake went to Grimeton Emma spent the time at an outdoor recreation centre a few kilometres away. In the 1920-ies it was possible to build long wave radio transmitters so powerful it was possible to send radio signals across oceans. This technology made it possible to send messages from one end of the world to another alsmost instantly. The messages could only be sent in Morse code, but was still far superior to any other communication technology available at the time. In a few years a network of radio stations using this technology was established. One ... read more
Just trying to capture a cool photo
Grimeton Radio Station
The switchboard

Europe » Sweden » Halland County October 24th 2019

Your wish is my command my lady, there have been plans afoot about going to Portugal and travelling around. Somehow it was implied that I was to be part of that trip, ie I had come with her. Damned and blasted, one third of the fun and twice as expensive, how can you beat that. Actually It’ll be fun , the old girl is easygoing and nice to travel with. The only major draw back is that we’re travelling on four wheels which by definition should be twice as fun as on two wheels, it ain’t. Some lousy Seat with about 4 horse powers and seat designed by Torquemada himself, how can any one in the illustrious year 2019 make such lousy car seats, intercourse, after a bout two hours I’m toast and feel my years ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland County August 18th 2019

The next morning it did not rain, at all! So i went to Vilnius taking back roads as suggest by Mssrs Garmin, sometimes they do manage and I had a nice ride to Vilnius and a decent hotel. Vilnius is nice, I prefer it to Riga and Tallin, as it’s a bit off the beaten track for the cruise ships that plagues the Baltic. You have to sit in bus for a few hours to get there. Anyway I looked at the sky when I left the hotel and thought about a rain jacket, but no, the sky looked nice. Well 5 minutes later it laughed me in the face and let go of some rain, it did stop quite rapidly and the sun came back to stay, I just wandered around and enjoyed the splendour ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland County May 30th 2019

I was snoozing away at full speed this morning when it was abruptly interrupted by some rather loud thunder, has the American People yet again made a revolution and are they now manning the barricades? Nope it was a a normal run of the mill thunder storm with some rather heavy rain, what a way to start a day, well it finished after an hour or son. I did not have any pressing engagements with nubile wenches clad in shimmering semite anyway so I sat it out together with all the other guys riding bikes in this heavenly part of the world. Yesterday I went over to the Mexican restaurant across the road for dinner, I got an American portion that was far too large so I got a doggy bag. Almost all the hotels and ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland County March 10th 2019

I got to Munsanze in good nick, no major adventures and no problems bar some slightly hairy places where they were doing some road works, slowly I went past with a zillion brown faces looking at me, there can’t be many muzungis on motorbikes, lots of waving and smiling. I found myself a half decent hotel and just rode a round watching life as it went on, unimpressed by my presence. Basically I’m just making time as not to arrive in Kigali in three days time. Treks are out, according to my surgeon I should be gentle with my new knee, so no gorillas or golden monkeys for me. There are very few wild if any wild animals about, Rwanda’s on of the most densely populated countries in Africa so basically there’s no room for wildlife. ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland County October 22nd 2018

We had a rest dat in Pokhara when Raul's bike got fixed , Kjell's got a new set of chain and sprockets and mine som general love and tenderness. It's surprising how easily they squat on the ground and fix your bike, oil everywhere and very few tools, it's 30 years back in time when mechanics were dirty and oil all over the place, and not even the tiniest computer anywhere. Newly oiled bikes and still dusty we roll back to the hotel and then it's dinnertime and maybe a beer. As my digestive system is intercoursed by the food I decide to abandon the veggie diet and go for a steak with potato wedges, yummy I feel better almost immediately. Kjell's got a fixation on spagetti carbonara, which he eats almost every day for dinner ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland County June 22nd 2018

After my Soth African glove debacle I went to my purveyor of fine water proof motorcycle glove and handed the very expensive top of the line gloves back and got another pair from another maker of top notch motorcycle paraphernalia. Good one me I thought, now I won’t have to endure the entire width of the US with wet hands, so far so because as uup and until yesterday no rain. Well sooner or later it had to happen, sooner or later was to day, the day started with fog and a drizzle so I got my new gloves out and somehow the right hand glove’s liner had come unstuck so that neither my thumb nor my pinkie got into their respective holes. May the people who in the name of profit send everything to be ... read more

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