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Europe » Sweden » Blekinge County » Karlskrona August 12th 2011

Yesterday our yearly Sail festival here in Karlskrona, Sweden, kicked off. Originally the Sail festival was all about big boats. However lately it has become more about live music, food and beer tent parties than sail boats. Full post and photos at: read more

Europe » Sweden » Blekinge County » Karlskrona August 11th 2011

I went to a local grocery store here in Sweden to check out what we actually pay for food in this country today. I also stopped by a local gas station to check out the current Swedish gas prices. Full post and photos: read more

Europe » Sweden » Blekinge County » Karlskrona August 5th 2011

I have written 12 pages about my favourite Swedish traditions. A bit about how I celebrate them, their origin and why I like these particular Swedish traditions. To read more about the Swedish traditions featured in this photo feel free to visit: read more

Europe » Sweden » Blekinge County » Karlskrona July 24th 2011

Besides being called Dammsugare - Vacuum Cleaner this pastry/coffee cake is also known in Sweden as Punschrulle - Punch Roll and Arraksrulle - Arrack Roll. Names it has been given in reference to its appearance and flavor. Full post and photos at: read more

Europe » Sweden » Blekinge County » Karlskrona July 11th 2011

I had an afternoon buffet at Cafe Utkiken in Karlskrona, Sweden. This cafe is located at the highest point in Karlskrona, Bryggareberget. So I shot a ton of photos of the views of Karlskrona from Bryggareberget. Full post and photos at: read more

Europe » Sweden » Blekinge County » Karlskrona July 7th 2011

Even though I live in quite a small suburb called Lyckeby in Sweden, there are a lot of things to see around here. Like Lyckeby river and The Crown Mill. The Crown Mill in Lyckeby is actually on the World Heritage list! Full post with photos and video at: read more

Europe » Sweden » Blekinge County » Karlskrona June 28th 2011

This Friday we celebrated Midsummer Eve in Sweden. So I thought I'd share some pics and info about what we traditionally eat and drink at Midsummer Eve. Full post at: read more

Europe » Sweden » Blekinge County » Karlskrona June 25th 2011

Leaf market time in Karlskrona, Sweden! The Leaf market is a truly traditional Karlskrona market, in fact this market has been a yearly tradition in Karlskrona for over 200 years. Full post and photos at: read more

Europe » Sweden » Blekinge County » Karlskrona June 12th 2011

My Swedish Midsummer Giveaway. Prizes consist of a few typical Swedish Midsummer items and some Swedish treats. To enter simply answer one question. Open Worldwide. To enter go to: read more

Europe » Sweden » Blekinge County » Karlskrona June 10th 2011

Our Fish Market Square in Karlskrona, Sweden, is more than 300 years old . On this square stands a lovely lady statue named “Fisherman's wife”, which is one of Karlskronas most photographed works of art. Full post and more photos at: ... read more

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