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September 8th 2008
Published: September 8th 2008
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Hello again. We´ve now moved onto Valencia further up the coast heading towards France. The city is beautiful with all sorts of old catholic and roman relics. There´s a cathedral here that supposedly holds the Holy Grail according to the Vatican so we´ll have to go check that out and report back to any DaVinci Code fans out there. We´re in a great little hostel with all sorts of other tourists our age which is nice after the hotels in Almeria and Cabo de Gata.

A little about Cabo de Gata. It was this very small town stuck out in the middle of the desert but still on the water. We stayed at the only hotel in the town and on the first day we thought we´d take our white bodies down to the beach. Bad idea. Having only been out there for 1.5 hours, we realised that we were starting to get burnt so we went back inside. We later found out that we weren´t starting to burn, we were already roasted to a crisp and have now spent the last few days in pain.

8 weeks in the UK + 4 days in Spain = 2 sun-burned Canadians

While in Cabo de Gata we ate like the locals; light breakfast followed by a massive meal of all kinds of mixed seafoods and local fruits and greens. We were so loaded up on the protein from all that fish that we literally were eating lunch at 2:00 and going to bed at midnight still full having not eaten anything else. It was a great way to do it because by dinner time, as we know it, you´re feeling pretty good and don´t have to worry about finding anything to eat so you can just enjoy the night. Even Jay ate the shellfish which means it must have been super fresh!

Looks like we have 2 days here in Valencia, then 2-3 in Barcelona before we move into France through the small country of Andorra. Should be a blast, we´ll let you know how it goes.

Alex & Jay


12th September 2008

Take lots of pictures of Barcelona, its on my someday travel list along with Ibiza!

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