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July 15th 2012
Published: July 15th 2012
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Sorry to leave you in that suspense. We met up with Mack Haisten again in Barcelona and so you can infer, or deduce if you are Sherlock Holmes, that when Mack ran he survived. Also, I have to say it since I know Mack´s co-workers are reading this, the things I said in the last blog entry were slightly false, he is a good guy and a hard worker...when he wants to be.

I feel like the entire point of this trip was the encierro and this blog is a tribute to it. We decided to awake at 530 since 1) we have never seen the running live and 2) we have never seen the running live. We arrived at the course around 630 and picked our spot on Estafeta about 300 meters from the bull fighting arena. After talking with other people who spoke english, because el gato nino, Bryce Stirton, was unable to communicate to the locals in Spanish; not unsimilar to a dog trying to talk with his bark to a cat (it just doesn´t work, really it comes down to science) we were kicked out of deadmans corner/out of the course. Luckily, the police were helpful in telling us where to go to if we wanted to run. At this point it was only the three best friends (Bryce, Doug and myself) because Mack Haisten was still unsure if he wanted to run and was going to find a great spot on the fence like a hawk looking at his prey, about to swoop down with the talons and straight kill it. So anyways, the three best friends, that anyone could have, anyone could have, sprinted up to our spot in Estafeta after the police let us get on the course. I stopped at our designated spot only to notice that Doug and Bryce were not there. I felt like Maximus Ariellus in Gladiator abandoned by everyone who ever loved him but strong and ready to entertain the people lining the streets.

Which by the way was amazing. After the police let us run up the course, everyone on there balconies was cheering for us and throwing their items of clothing upon us for good luck (you know the good items of clothing). The runners started chants that echoed through the streets, and all the while I was getting ready to headbutt a bull straight Marshawn Lynch earthquake run. Back to the fact that Doug and Bryce, really close to each other, ahead of me and Mack who had snuck onto the course, ahead of Doug and Bryce, from his perch with his talons and Ka-KAW! ready all the sudden heard the first rocket. The first rocket signifies that the first bull has left its pen (see pictures added later to what the pen looks like).

Sidenote: Since I was by myself, I looked around like any amateur runner would looking for someone who had run before. Similar to an apprentice to a blacksmith who uses the anvil to dominate metal. Sure enough, like the sun rises and the ocean´s tides occur, I saw a small man wearing red and white being as calm as an alpha wolf about to dominate a lesser wolf to remain alpha. I asked if he had ran before and he simply held up four fingers and said "four times". Immediately, I knew this guy is 2 legit 2 quit.

Back to the rockets, (I will get back to my running after Doug tells me his experience and I type it down like in a court room, so soon after these parenthesis close it is no longer my prose but Doug´s, good luck reading it. It will no doubt be less entertaining), soon after the second rocket fired signaling that all the bulls had left the pen. (Doug is now speaking as my lightning fast fingers type his rhetoric). The tension was thick among the runners as they waited for the oncoming bulls. Some frightened souls became to prematurely run, however Doug waited, for the onset of the bulls before I made my move (thats what she said-Thats me). Suddenly, the ground began to rumble (thats what she said) and Doug could hear the hooves against the cobblestone streets. Suddenly, the first bull was in sight, I don´t even know what to say. No don´t type that. (No this is good Doug keep going). Doug slowly began to run until a few of the bulls were in sight. Matt repeats: SLOWLY began to run. As Doug reached his full sprint, he could feel the exhiliration of running with the bulls. Suddenly, a drunkard in front of Doug who was unable to keep up with the pace fell. (insert dramatic music here). Doug hurdled like an Olympian in the London 2012 games over the fallen runner. And landed on one knee, scraping it severely. However, Doug jumped back up and sprinted into the arena, declaring victory.

Alright baby birds, its back to Matt Fisser prose, I know that food probably wasnt as good but it gives you substance nonetheless. Doug, I have to give props to is better than Brandon Fisser at this. So that was Doug´s experience. Mine was a little different and so was Bryce´s and so was Mack´s. Neither of whom is with me at this moment so ask them about it when you run into them. I will keep mine short and sweet so when each one of you lovely persons asks me face to face about it, I can tell you more in depth. If you cannot tell, I like to leave you wanting more (as any good writer should). Basically, my experienced runner told me you will know when to run. As such, as people passed me and he stood there arms crossed I didn´t move. Then when people began to pass us with there eyes wide open we began to side step. Quick thing I just remembered, Doug says he took a "knee" but really I think he decided to Tebow really quickly as evidenced by his scar on his knee and elbow, there was blood everywhere as in the blood that occurred during Step Brothers when they decided to make bunk beds. Doug is known to strike a pose every now and then. So as we side stepped two bulls were in sight and thats when I began to run in the streets. They quickly passed me and as I looked back three more were coming. They slowly passed and as they did I sped up (lets be honest, I never got into a full sprint or these bulls would have just stopped to watch me run the course) and slapped one squarely on the behind. I followed these bulls into the arena where Bryce basically tackled me saying how awesome that was. We were not able to find Doug and Mack but they found each other in the bull fighting arena.

As this blog is getting long winded, I am going to send it out. Mack Haisten also went out all night in Barcelona (till 530 am) because of peer pressure in order to catch his flight at 8 am (I am doing this purely as documentation purposes Mack, Doug loves you, and I kind of like you as a friend). Additionally, as the run was over at 8:05 am we had the entire Friday the 13th of exciting and groundbreaking news, events and excitement. Bryce may or may not have got his belly button ring, I may or may not have got a tattoo, and Doug may or may not have fallen in love and asked a Spanish woman to marry him in the streets holding a hot dog. Baby birds, no worries.

Ps. We will try to get a cord for pictures as Dougs camera stopped working.

Pss. The next blog will contain the rest of Pamplona and we are now in Barcelona. Which I am quite possibly in love with. Our next stop is Seville.


16th July 2012

So glad you all survived the bulls. You now have bragging rights for life!
11th September 2015

Pls send pic of tatoo

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