The Garbageman

Published: June 23rd 2012
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You ain´t no punk you punk

You wanna talk about the real junk!

(Garbageman - The Cramps)

I wonder if this is the first time that The Cramps have been used to make a metaphysical point? Well if it has it was probably with Can your Pussy do the Dog? anyway...

SOOOOOOO, enough of that... there reasons for using The Cramps quote are twofold. In conversation with a keen psychobilly fan (reason one for the reference), the view was expressed that the camino was a good means of clearing psychic debris from your life. It´s the equivalent of a bin night for your brain - a spring clean of the psyche...

To give you an example from today. I was looking forward to making a detour off the camino today and visiting the monastery at Cañas, where there were some interesting tombs (I know - interesting tombs?). Anyway I missed the turnoff and was walking along feeling a bit disgruntled.

After a moment I stopped gruntling and thought about it. If I really HAD to see the tombs at the monastery, I could turn around and go back. If I didn´t, then I had to keep walking and just let it go. I let it go... One day I might come back and see the tombs at the monastery at Cañas, maybe I wont.

But I think the bins were just emptied a bit...


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