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September 5th 2019
Published: September 5th 2019
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SC writes: So we’re working our way along the north coast visit towns and staying in towns and cities along the way. Yesterday we stayed in Ribadeo, and tonight we’re in Ferrol. See the map for ease of reference.

Some of the smaller costal towns are throbbing and vibrant, with lively markets, shops with sales on, and neat little cafes for the necessary tea or coffee and comfort. Others are frankly asleep...That’s the Siesta for you. Noteworthy points from our travels over the past two days:

An excellent dinner last night in Ribadeo, a little port town, having a little festival. I had the local specialty of octopus, which was great. Cathy had pork loin marinated in lemon and herbs - tender and delicious. The food so far has been mainly good, and usually interesting. Being the seafood lover I am doing better than carnivore Cathy.

We stopped and shopped in to be had, rain to be avoided. So far I’ve bought shoes, a jacket and a nice t-shirt. Cathy bought a bone! (Cj: It is a good bone - the leftovers from a jamon iberico, about 18 inches long with a decent amount of meat and
Octopus Octopus Octopus

fat left on it. It will make excellent stock for winter soups, and at 1euro it has to be the bargain of the holiday. I’ve no doubt that Steve will be keen to try the results.).

I got breathalysed, at a random check point in the middle of the countryside just after lunch. Just as well that I have forsworn beer at lunchtimes.... the whole thing took a minute and we were on our way, but it was certainly a surprise.

We now In Ferrol, at our fifth Parador (already!). It is pretty typical and I’ve included a photo.

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Parador in Ferrol Parador in Ferrol
Parador in Ferrol

Quite typical

6th September 2019

Ha ha
Ha ha - Gary got breathalyser just like that in Oz. Fortunately no alcohol for 3 days.

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