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January 15th 2012
Published: January 15th 2012
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First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of blogging. the past 2 days there has been no internet at all in the entire hotel, and i haven´t been able to get on once! also, i am going to apologize in advance for the lack of capitalization and punctuation that i am going to use. This is a spanish keyboard and the shift key is way off and i dont feel like spending an extra 30 minutes typing this trying to find the shift every time.

moving on... the night at the ice bar was so much fun. it was awesome! the entire bar was made of ice. the stools, couches, bar, cups. everything! i had a blast! they give you big silver puffy coats and gloves, it was for sure worth the 15 euro to get in!

friday for our last class of the trip, we went to a car and plane manufacturing plant and got to see how they design everything. it was pretty neat seeing the machines, although they couldn´t show us what they were working on for privacy reasons.

That night we went out to the casino, which was not fun considering I didn´t win... so much for the odds being better in europe! (for roullette, there isn´t a 00 slot, so technically the chances of winning are better... i didn´t find that to be the case)

Yesterday, on our free day, a group of us traveled to Stiges, a medieval town about 45 minutes from Barcelona. It was a neat little shopping town. They streets were very small, with shops down every alley. I got to drink a beer on the coast of the Meditteranean, looking out at the waves. It was peaceful and very relaxing.

Last night, on our last night we could go out, we went to a club called Opium. It was huge! 4 stories of dance floors. We stayed out until about 5 in the morning with everyone, which was fun for one last hoorah!

Today is our last day in Spain! I leave tomorrow morning at 10:30... But tonight is going to be the highlight of the trip! We all got tickets to the FC Barcelona game. I have heard that going to a European futbol game is unlike anything you will ever experience, and I cannot wait! They are playing a pretty good team too, which will be a very good game.

I have a ton more pictures that I will share once I return home to the states. I will upload them all soon for everyone.

I have had a blast on this trip, and I think it has been an awesome experience. I would absolutely come back to Europe sometime... maybe not in the near future, but sometime. I think my limit is about a week and a half. I am so ready to be home. I miss my friends and my family. You know its time to go home when you have been thinking about taco bell for the past 3 days.

A wise quote I´ve learned is true: You never know what you have until its not there anymore. I now finally see the meaning to this... meaning all I want is an Imo´s pizza, an ice cold American Bud Light, and a St. Louis Blues hockey game on the tv. Thursday night, you know where I´ll be.


15th January 2012

Thank you! Thank you!
Jimmy I can't begin to tell you what pleasure your blog has given Gpa and me. I feel I could go to Barcelona and find all the great bars. It did seem like you had a great time. You are very fortunate to have been able to go. I'm sure you will be remembering this trip the rest of your life. Julie & Claire can hardly wait to compare notes with you. We missed you so it really was wonderful reading about everything. I probably won't be traveling so far anymore,but you made me feel like I was there. I think I would have to take more siestas than you did. Love you Gma

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