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July 7th 2011
Published: July 7th 2011
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It's war, war! WAR!!!!! When I arrived at my fourth day of Esplai sailing camp, we were preparing for WAR!!! Two of the instructors participated in this activity. They split the kids into two groups. My group went with the instructor named Pablo, and the other instructor (I don't remember her name), took the other group of kids. Each group made a banner, and the instructors hoisted them onto the mast of the sailboats. Then we had lunch, preparing for the grand war.

This is how the game (war) worked. Everybody put t-shirts over their live-vests. One person in each group was elected to be the 'king'. Each group would get in a sailboat and toss water in water-bottles at the people on the other boat. The boats would fight each other on the waters near the dock, and at the end of the game, the king whose t-shirt was the driest would win. Obviously the 2 smallest people on the team were chosen as 'kings'.The team that I was on won because we gave the king the most protection, but in the end, the other people on my team were the wettest. Multiple times the boat almost capsized due to the fact that people were more focused on fighting than keeping the boat balanced. If our boat capsized, it would have been a disaster because the king would have gotten all wet.

We then walked from the port down to the beach. The kids were separated into an 'older kids' group and a 'younger kids' group. I only barely made it into the older kids group by convincing the instructors that I was 11 and not 6 days away from being 11, which I really am. So anyway, I made it into the older kids group and Pablo brought this surfboard down to the beach. It was my first time surfing! I had a great time, and discovered I really like surfing. The waves became huge, some taller than my dad at their breaking point.

We walked back to the port and my mom picked me up and brought me home. When I got home, I wrote this blog.

Sorry there aren't any images on this post. I guarantee there will be photo on Saturday morning's post, (I'm not going to post tomorrow), because tomorrow I'm going to see a concert the Palau de Musica, an amazing building.


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