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July 6th 2011
Published: July 6th 2011
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From now on I am not going to post everyday, only on days when I do something interesting. Last night and today were certainly 'interesting', but I can't say today was all that great. Still, I guess that's just part of traveling.

So yesterday, my mom finally connected with Merce and Peter, friends of Shawn. Their 13-year-old daughter, Zoa, is traveling in california with Shawn and Pere, and their kids. They have 2 other kids named Leo and Kai; Leo is about my age, and Kai is 6 years old. Yesterday, I went down to the beach to meet Leo and Kai, and had a blast.

Leo knows about as much English as I know Spanish. And he is just as interested in practicing his English as I am in practicing my Spanish. So I would speak to him in Spanish, and he would speak to me in English. We played with the frisbee, and swam in the water. We even pretended we were superheroes and super-villains. Kai was just plain spiderman, Leo was Sushiman, and I was TacoVillano. We even built a huge sand castle that was wiped away by the waves. We had a great time.

Today was my third day of Esplai sailing and beach activity camp. When I arrived at the port, the first thing we did was Kayaking again. I had a great time ... until the kids on boat started playing rough and the boat capsized. It did a double barrel roll and I proceeded to get very seasick. But as soon as I stepped on land, I was fine. We had lunch, then went to the beach and swam.

The waves were huge today. When I say huge, I mean around 6 feet. Great for body surfing! We spent 1 hour down at the beach, then went back to the port d'(deadfish)Aiguadolç. Yes there were a lot of dead fish. My mom then picked me up, and we went home. We had another spanish lesson with Bibiana, and in fact, my mom is having this lesson while I write this post. I may post tomorrow, but I will definitely post on friday, because something exciting is happening friday. You'll just have to wait and see.


7th July 2011

What a great way to learn Spanish! So it's Skye-dude aka TacoVillano now... can't get any better than that, imho... Holding my breath for Friday's post!
7th July 2011

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You won't have to wait till friday. I am posting today! I won't post Friday but saturday since my event goes late.
11th July 2011

Good for you, each speaking the language you want to practice! It would be easier to each speak the language you know, and let the other person figure it out... As for sailing, ask your mom if she read Swallows and Amazons. It was a favorite of mine! I am enjoying your blog! Love, Celia

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