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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Lleida » Lleida July 8th 2011

¡¡A punt de sortir nois!! ¡Només falten 2 dies per a començar l'aventura! El diumenge al matí la Claire sortirà d'Anglaterra direcció Brusel.les. Allí ens trobarem tots dos després de que l'Àlex surti demà cap a França i el diumenge agafi un TGV direcció Paris i més tard Brusel.les també! Des d´allí, començarem el nostre viatge direcció sud-est Fins aviat! About to leave guys!! Only 2 days for our adventure to start! On Sunday Claire will leave England towards Brussels. We shall meet there after Àlex leaves for France tomorrow and catches a TGV from Perpinyà to Paris and later Brussels. From there, we are south-east bound! Speak soon! ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Lleida » Lleida November 20th 2010

Today marked not only my last visit to the beautiful La Seu Vella, but also my last day living in Balaguer. I have had a rather ignominous departure from the school and my final pay was grudgingly handed over accompanied by a dual language double tongue lashing. Further outrage was sparked by my refusal to sign the formal letter presented to me due to the fact it was written in Catalan. After ducking a heavy Catalan dictionary launched across the desk at me by the director I insisted on being allowed to write my own letter in English, or at least Spanish. I left the school rather sadly, unable to say goodbye to any of my students or offer my apologies or explanations to them, but at least armed with the class registers and the wonder ... read more
The tower
Window in the cloisters

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Lleida » Lleida November 9th 2010

Lleida is the capital of the province by the same name and has probably been my most visited location during my time here - mainly because I have passed through everytime I have gone anywhere in Spain. I have become intimately aquainted with the train station and spent too much time shivering on platforms and wandering around trying to pass the usual hour-long wait between trains. Lleida was once a chief city of an Iberian tribe, the Ilergetes and defended aginst the Romans. Eventually, under Roman rule, the city was incorporated into the Roman province of Hispania Tarraconensis. During the Great Civil War the Battle of Llerda took place within the city, as in June of 49BCE the Spanish army of Pompey the Great, led by his legates Lucius Afranius and Marcus Petreius, held out against ... read more
On the tower
La Seu Vella

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