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July 7th 2019
Published: July 7th 2019
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on the way to spain
We have arrived in Spain. After an overnight stay in Auch in a hotel high up the hill without elevators. Had to carry, lucky enough only the overnight bags,up three flights of stairs. to reach the room. Very happy it was air-conditioned for even at 5 p.m. the temperature was 35 degrees. We had a rest for a while before we went to look for a meal. The hotel had no facilities. There was a Carrefour shopping centre with a banquet restaurant That was good enough. Had a good meal there and was close to the Hotel. Had an early night for a hard day coming up. Crossing the Pyreneans promised to be a lot of small roads. It was close to 400 kilometers that could take the best part of the day. I was not wrong. We had a good breakfast and left for our doing early. An hour earlier as normal. Already getting hot but was okay in the car. We started straight away with small roads and made passing other cars impossible even with approaching traffic you had to slow right down. Did not fuel in Auch and I should have for fuel stations are far apart on

our stay at Auch
the country roads. We like to drive them the Freeways only give you tunnel vision. You don't see anything. We made good progress and I just had to close my ears for the complains I had from Liz that I was going to fast or the roads were to small. Was more concerned about finding a fuel station there was not one and the GPS gave no indication that one was coming up. After another 100 kilometres approaching a bigger place a fuel station came up. Just a station not manned. Only by card you could get fuel. Said to Liz we just try see what happens. There was an English explanation that told you what to do. But would they except the travel card. No problem they did, fuelled, they took the right amount and we were on the way More small roads till we finally hit the main road to the Spanish border. We crossed it at Le Perthus. We will come back here for it is like Andorra it is here tax free. We had to do a nature stop at a manned service station. Had a nice cool drink there. The address in the GPS had

from the hotel in Girona
no number so we hoped for the best when we entered the city of Girona. Very busy place, the GPS ushered us to a big busy Plaza where I just could park behind an Ambulance. Liz went out to look if she could find the hotel and what do you know, we were right in front of it. The GPS was very good again. Liz came back with paperwork and told me to go into the underground park that was connected with the hotel. We found a park close to the Hotel entrance. That had a big elevator that took us and the suitcases to our room. We had a nice shower for we could not get any food till 8.30 that evening. We will be here for four nights, we were happy that it was a nice room with a walk in shower and not one that is a shower in the bath. We are getting to old for acrobatic exercises to have a shower in the bath. A hot day was coming up when we were ready the next day to inspect the city and what there was to see. The tourist bureau was the first stop.Of course the Basilic was the main object. It was high up the hill and lots of steps to climb to get there. We had to pay 5 Euro each to see two churches with all the relics and history. Always the place where you find the history of the place and surrounds.Indeed a lot of history there. The church dates back to 1100. It is in the old part of the city with lots of small streets and steps. W e did this in the first two days. On the last day we will go back to Perthus to see what is for sale. We saw that on Sundays most of the shops are closed. Also after 2 p.m. and open again at 5 p.m. WE will tell you more about Spain the next time till than Liz & Alphons.

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basilic at Girona

streets in Girona

lots of steps

in the church

from 300 AD

all closed on Sunday

having a rest

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