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December 9th 2008
Published: December 9th 2008
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Yup, I am writing completely out of sync entries because, quite simply, I haven´t had the internet access to be able to update you on my European travels.

So, a quick update:

Barcelona is huge and crazy and dirty and mad and loud and despite being December, not that cold. Okay, 10 -14 degrees isn´t exactly warm but I have thoroughly acclimitised and am not feeling like I am freezing to death like I did in Vienna (a story for another entry).

Escueala is good - I am on week 2 on my language course and although I am learning a lot I am struggling to hold a conversation that actually makes sense...not that this is abnormal for me, but you know what I mean. For some reason, today in particular, I am frustrated and impatient with myself although learning a new language wasn´t meant to be easy. They say ignorance is bliss, but you have just a glimpse of knowledge and you are screwed! That said, I enjoy the classes and they fly, I have honestly been losing hours studiying and have no sense of time passing.

Last night it rained here in Barcelona, which may not sound very exciting but it hasn't rained here the whole time I have been here - over a week! I have been luxuriating in blue skies! Gorgeous!

So I am on the countdown to the flight home, whatever home means (other blog entry/self indulgent rant I'm sure) and with that countdown is all the crazy emotions. Yes, i have emotions...damn feelings. Going home to who knows what, who knows who. I feel a little like there has been a war and I am yet to see who is going to emerge from the wreckage. Who will be left? Loneliness is haunting, and affects us all and it is with very few people that you can find a sense of belonging. I am just hoping that my people are still there...

Jeepers, how morose do I sound?!?

But, on the plus side, I am looking forward to:
* a cup of tea...or a million...
* cuddling my nephew
* seeing my Madre and just hanging out doing normal stuff...including cuddles
*seeing my gordita hermana...i think i will be in shock at her big tummy, but I can't wait to catch up and meet my new niece/bump!
* not have to wear 58 layers of clothing, carry a backpack or a handbag the size of a small sack
* see the sky, trees, breathe clean air
* see my friends! All of you that are in Perth anyway!
* getting a new computer so I can talk to those of you who aren't!

PS...that was in no particular order!

Now, I must skiddadle...studies are calling me...wish me luck. Or that I find a Spainard! Everyone speaks Catalan here in Barca so it might be more difficult than you think...that and, well, they willh ave to listen to my inane (and inaccurate) conversation!



9th December 2008

well it sounds like things are completely on the right track and falling directly into place, then! buen trabajo!! love you, and miss you muchos grandes - now stop staring at a screen and find a spanaird! they won't mind your inaccuracy.. the accent will throw them off anyway, and it will make for some fun interaction ! x
9th December 2008

Seeing you soon
Hey Murph, good to see you 'blogging' again! Gonna have a great time with you back for Christmas - we have all missed you. Love you lots, Mum.

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