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October 28th 2008
Published: October 28th 2008
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As one of the most popular styles of music and dance in Spain there is no better place to for Spanish students studying in Barcelona to learn and experience the beautiful and exciting dance of Flamenco. Although the exact history is somewhat unknown and often disputed, the origin of the fast paced fluid dance can be traced back to the region of Andalusia. There is no doubt similarities to the original dance but the different forms it has taken on through the years has made it made it famous throughout Spain and even the world. During the expansion of the dance it was influenced by many other forms of music and dance styles resulting in truly unique style with multiple techniques.

Flamenco was known as Gypsy art when Gypsies as a community settled in Spain near the end of the 15th century and played an important role in its formation and development. The history of the dance has had its ups and downs especially in the last century. Hitting a major low in the 20’s and 30’s then being revived in the 50’s. During this time Flamenco moved from the traditional cafes and cabarets to what are known as “Tablaos” and were mostly filled by tourists who were interested in seeing this exciting and artistic display of dance. In reality it was the interest of outsiders coming into Spain who actually sparked the revival of Flamenco.

Flamenco is now flourishing and as popular as ever throughout Spain. Spanish students in Barcelona have the opportunity to witness some of the best Flamenco dancers in the world and also, with some motivation, a chance to try and learn the fast complicated steps of the dance. Tourists and locals alike enjoy nightly shows throughout the city at bars, restaurants, or dance halls. Flamenco is more traditional in the southern region of Andalusia where it was founded but, as it is one of the most exciting dances to watch for both tourists and locals the market has grown in Barcelona bringing with it some of the top Flamenco dancers around.

Spanish immersion students in Barcelona will have the chance to do many incredible things and certainly near the top of the list should be a Flamenco show. Yes it is becoming a tourist activity but remember the tradition that follows it is something that cannot be duplicated.

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