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May 22nd 2012
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Segovia the TownSegovia the TownSegovia the Town

After the new snowfall the mountains het a little better. By Tuesday most of it was gone.
Well howdy. First off I want to apologize for butchering the Spanish language. I usually just butcher the English language. Most of the word that I have learned have been in speech and I give the spelling mixed up. Spanish is a phonetic language and it doesn’t matter how I spell things for the most part here, but I am talking to Americans who cannot write a paper without Autocorrect but decide that their mastery of English qualifies them to be grammar Nazis. Damn Facebook. Here is what I have been up to.

On Sunday I slept in and did nothing really. In the evening I watched Terminator 3 and Police Academy in Spanish. I thought that Terminator was cool when he said “volverá” because I knew what he was talking about (it literally means She’ll be back). I really couldn’t hear what Police Academy was about; I kind of picked it up as I watched. It was hard to hear because my host father crescendo-ed into a rant about something costing 50 Euros; he is hard to understand sometimes. In the middle of all of this apparently it hailed in the morning and snowed in the afternoon. I enjoyed

This was the restaurant of deer streak and bread soup.
being inside.

On Monday, I had to change some money to Euros. It turned into an hour-long ordeal after being given the run around where the bank said you have to have an account to change money (a local back to note), but I ended up getting it done. We had the biggest lunch that I have had since being here. It consisted of green beans and potatoes and fried fish with more croquetas. It was truly delicious. I had to pass out for a couple of hours after that. Its nice to be able to sleep for a while and not miss anything like I would back home. I think it was funny when we went out for the afternoon to walk around the city and see what the stores had to offer. There is a soccer store that had some awesome jerseys and jackets (for around 50 to 100 Euros). Dinner was good and dessert was better. I ate cut up strawberries and whipped cream.

That night we went out once more to hang around the town. We found a couple places that were open but we did not see that much open. That’s one of the things about Spain. It is very little to do past hours. What is even more strange is their hours. Places are open from 9 am to 1 pm and then 6pm to 12am on weekdays. The break is for lunch and siesta. On weekends it’s 9pm to 1pm on Saturday, 6 pm to 5am Fridays and Saturdays and nothing on Sundays. Its confusing so don’t try to think about it too much. The people I know aren’t that smart so I don’t want to burden you with an oversaturation of information.

On Tuesday we went on another excursion. I was able to sleep until 10:45 (yay) and then meet the bus at 11:30. The first place we went was the glass factory in a nearby pueblo (town) called La Granja. It was really freaking cool. All the machines ha different functions and we got to see the entire process of making millions of bottles (in this case perfume and cologne). I couldn’t take pictures but use your imaginations. The Molds that they use to make the bottles can be shifted in 8 hours (faster than a large majority of glass factories). They also follow Kyoto Protocol, which means

This is the view from the bus. The windows were tinted so I had to edit the photos a little to make them look real.
that there are no emissions from the plant. They use natural gas for energy and heating. I can say that I was open mouthed the whole time.

The second place we went to was lunch. You know what? Guess. It was legen…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

dary. I ate the deer steak, a word that I do not know, and bread soup (seriously mmmm). We hung out there for a little bit and enjoyed lunch and the company of friends. For dessert we had helado (ice cream) and then went down stairs out side and enjoyed being up and around.

I really cannot remember what was next. I think that there was something about a whiskey factory but my mind is kind of hazy about it. I don’t know…

When we got back I saw got to work on my homework. I went to bar and got to see a bull fight and realized exactly what it is and how it happens (:0). While there I got my homework done, in record time I might add though not in the least correct. I listened to a couple conversations going on around me and realized how much better my Spanish has become. Just to comment I have been spending a lot of time with friends and speaking English and I realized Monday how important it is to remember to take time to listen to the language. It is not something I will be able to do for too long. I have started to read one of my Spanish books and I am excited about getting out more in the next couple of weeks.

Well, I’ve got nothing else so find something else to done. Get your own life and stop reading about mine. Geesh. Later,


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