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October 15th 2016
Published: October 15th 2016
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We arrived at 2.30pm and are settled into a very nice Alburgue . We have 6 beds in our room so that's less snoring, hopefully.

I walked out of Foncebadón into the darkness at about 7.40, after a nice breakfast of coffee, mini croissant , and toast. I enjoyed the rocky ascent to the Cruz de Ferro and there was a steady stream of torch or headlights winding their way to the peak. It's the highest part of the Camino and appropriately so. When I arrived there was just a couple of Koreans, they're everywhere, so I placed my stones and continued on my way.

It started to rain a little,( or was it moisture from the clouds we were passing through), so I waited until Manjarin, where I ponchoed up. It didn't last long and we made our way along a roadside and commenced a steep downhill walk. Once off the road, the paths were atrocious; very rocky, descending quickly into the village of Acebo. Had a coffee and cupcake, a short break, and continued on this rubbish until the next village, Riego de Ambros. Continuing straight through, Molinaseca was our next stop.

While there were still
Steve Climbing The Cruz de FerroSteve Climbing The Cruz de FerroSteve Climbing The Cruz de Ferro

It was quiet this year so I placed my stones, took a moment to look around and take it all in, and started the walk out of the mountains. This is the highest place on the Camino, at 1505 metres.
a few treacherous sections, the majority of this walk was through a nice green scented valley. Native mint, lavender and other herbs offer a nice experience after the bland paths we experienced after Manjarin.

Ponferrada was our goal for the day and you walk along roadsides all the way. A bit dull but a means to an end. As mentioned, we booked in to our Alburgue and went into town to explore the Castle. Last time we had to keep going and missed out on an interesting treat. Aftper the Castle I went looking for a bit of a Templar book for Archie but, unless he's picked up some Spanish since I've been gone, no deal.. Maybe a few gifts should wait until the end.

Anyway, it's dinner time and I've found a pizza place that doesn't just reheat mass produced products so it could be a plan. Lots of pics; the Internet is great here. Adios

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Walking With FriendsWalking With Friends
Walking With Friends

Puk from Korea, South of course !
Puk's WifePuk's Wife
Puk's Wife

Forgot her name, as usual, but she's a gem. From Japan.

The home of the last Knight Templar. Pop. 2.

I was looking forward to this; he's a very unique man.

A nice little village at the end of a long, steep rocky descent.
Village Architecture.Village Architecture.
Village Architecture.

Not many council building permits here.
Found my glasses here....Found my glasses here....
Found my glasses here.... my pocket. I actually like the spares better.
Neat Vege GardensNeat Vege Gardens
Neat Vege Gardens

Who gets to eat them? Not us, that's for sure.

15th October 2016

I is such a pleasure to enjoy this journey from home. Photos and commentary are the highlight of they day! Thanks so much!! Jeannette
16th October 2016
Knights Templar Castle, Ponferrada

Treats along the Way!
How fabulous that you got to visit the Templar's Castle! Must admit I'm a bit of a nut for them and have visited lots of their castles and sanctuaries. However, it's rather lucky that you didn't find a book in English--I carried far too many, which wasn't so wise. Interesting that there are many Koreans. There were few of them in 2003 when I walked, but there were tons of Brazilians due to a book on the Camino by Paulo Coelho. I love the stones you left at the Cruz de Ferro--may your hopes be realized. Buen Camino!
16th October 2016
Knights Templar Castle, Ponferrada

Thanks Tara
It's 5.30am and I have snoring above and to the left so the days are definitely the best!

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