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Monestir de Montserrat 13 September 2013 It was about 12MD when we drove out of Barcelona and onto Monestir de Montserrat which is about 18 km NW of Barcelona. Its highest peak of the “Serrated Mountain” rises 1,240 m which is a magnificent setting for Catalonia’s holiest place where many people include with high priority, in their pilgrimage. It’s surrounded by chapels and hermit’s caves. The earliest chapel on the sight is from the 19th century. The monastery was founded in the 11th century. There are many walks you can do in the area and on most bends on the walking paths, there are shrines. The view was also spectacular. We had lunch and then drove north Puigcerda which is on the border of Spain, France and close to Andora (which is a separate country). We ... read more
Monasterio de Monserat Fenicular
Monasterio de Monserat NW of Barcelona (1)
Monasterio de Monserat NW of Barcelona (2)

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