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July 27th 2009
Published: July 27th 2009
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Welcome to GuejarWelcome to GuejarWelcome to Guejar

Description of the town-"The Heart of the Sierra Nevada"
This is the summer of experiences, and I have another checked off!

The last weekend in Grand Granada (as I now refer to my host-city) the trio set out to hike the beautiful landscape that we have been simply viewing these past 2 months. Each day I walk to and from school with the most picturesque background of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The actual beauty really came full circle with me after hiking up, down, and around a small portion of them.
We hopped on a city bus that took us 45 minutes up into the mountains to a small town called Guejar. A>D>O>R>A>B>L>E!!!!

I really want to give props to the brave bus driver. It was a coach/greyhound size bus, and he was weaving around the tightest corners imaginable. The road was so skinny, I thought it was a one way-until we met the first car... very interesting maneuvers.
We got dropped off on the side of the road, and it was a little awkward "Is this it?" "We are here?" "What the heck?" "I'm...a little confused..." We exited the bus nonetheless.

We began our hike up a hill into what seemed like the downtown part

weaving up
of the city. We sat down in the Plaza Mayor and mapped out our route. I have now seen the biggest Plaza Mayor (Madrid) and definitely the smallest Plaza Mayor (Guejar) It was a charming little square, complete with 2 boys battling it out with the soccer ball (yes I almost joined in!) and a group of "older" men shooting the breeze. They had pretty thick accents, so I could not join in with them! 😊

We picked our route and set off! It was mainly on the roads, but then we veered off and went down to a running river-INCLUDING a waterfall! This was a first time for me-and it was stunning to say the least. The air was so fresh and clear. I just loved it. I felt like a real hiker too, having to literally climb up a mountain of rocks.

I might regret publishing the major lesson I learned this trip-but I am still in awe! My friend Natalie (from Chicago!) was all about finding a walking stick. I was so confused, and figured she was just trying to be funny. But she did not let it go; after trying a billion different sticks
on the bus...on the bus...on the bus...

vistas vistas vistas
out, she finally found one and was JUST pumped! She literally walked the entire way, and would NOT put the darn stick down-even in pictures. I finally asked, why she needed help walking... she was doing just fine? WELL, turns out-the main use of a walking stick is not for walking but rather to fend off danger. After the Natalie and Kate gathered themselves from laughing-they explained it is for safety that people carry walking sticks. WHO KNEW?!?! Hiker lesson learned.

We hiked for a couple hours, and sat by the river for lunch. Packed Bocadillos (french bread sandwiches) never get old! The whole afternoon was a combination between a good workout, fresh air, amazing views, and another great experience!

Additional photos below
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Plaza MayorPlaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor

I can't believe this was considered a plaza mayor...cute!
We have seen it allWe have seen it all
We have seen it all

Natalie and Kate wondering around the plaza
Barcelona vs. Real MadridBarcelona vs. Real Madrid
Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

They were pulling moves JUST like the pros
Spanish streetsSpanish streets
Spanish streets

White houses + Skinny streets + cobblestone + Sierra Nevada = my dream come true

Always living on the edge Mommy

View from behind us while hiking
Fellow hikersFellow hikers
Fellow hikers

Friendly man, pointed us in the right direction
Sierra NevadaSierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada

Running RiverRunning River
Running River

Crystal clear too!
Walking on waterWalking on water
Walking on water

Kate and I sitting on a rock in the middle of the river

smaller waterfall

This reminded me of the backgrounds that come as default on your computer...that perfect!

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28th July 2009

Look beautiful!
Love the plaza mayor! Kind of seems like an oximoron though, doesn't it? Scenary looks so pretty....Glad you got some excersize in for the camino! See you Saturday! Ciao!

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