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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Sierra Nevada April 20th 2018

Rundtrip von Granada aus. Zuerst in den Norden der SN. Auf der Suche nach Höhlenwohnungen kam ich zu einem Friedhof. Es gibt Gräber mit Panoramafenster oder mit Regenrinne. Außerdem herrscht Plastikblumenzwang und es gibt einen florierenden Immobilienmarkt. Im gleichen Ort gab es auch einen Markt und die ersten Höhlenwohnungen. Im weichen Sedimentgestein ist es leicht, zu graben. Vorne wird oft eine weiße Fassade eingebaut. Aber die Tür führt direkt in die Höhle. Und aus den Hügeln ragen zahlreiche Kamine.... Auch eine Kirche gibt's unterirdisch. Im Norden ragt die Sierra Nevada recht steil auf und die Schneeregion war sehr eindrucksvoll. Nur an einer Stelle kann man sie von N nach S durchqueren, sozusagen der Brennerpass der SN. An der tiefsten Stelle ist die Passhöhe immerhin noch 2000m. Es war kühl. Ich war gerade am Überlegen, warum keine ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Sierra Nevada May 15th 2016

The best thing to do on the day you're due to fly home is drive to distant mountains and so we motored for a few hours until we reached Órgiva which is on the edge of the Sierra Nevada National Park. From here it was upwards and upwards, past suffering cyclists and maniac motorbikes. The roadsigns promised large rocks plopping down the steep inclines onto your head on the left and sheer drops to your right so that you could join the rocks with a death roll onto traffic below. Very picturesque though and snow was visible on the mountaintops. We headed to the villages of the High Apujarras, because going high always seems to be the more interesting option. We pulled up at Fuente Agria which consisted of a small road side church, a few ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Sierra Nevada May 15th 2016

Day 8 and it's time to go home already. Where has this week gone?? Can't say we've sat on our backsides and done nowt though eh. Wouldn't want to be a holidaymaker now! I've decided that's worse than being a tourist as at least tourists go and see things; at least they have some reason for living. Unlike the man in beige I saw earlier....head to toe in beige....if he'd had socks and sandals on as well he may as well just lie down and die as he's obviously given up in life. Anyway, we checked out of our apartment which we have had free for a week thanks to CLC world. We couldn't fit into their definition of a we had seven nights accommodation for nothing. Even I can afford that! I wouldn't say ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Sierra Nevada August 3rd 2015

After a lovely relaxing, if hot, week with my parents in Calahonda on the Costa Del Sol, we hired a car and headed up to the High Alpujarras of the Sierra Nevada National Park. These seven small white towns were the last stronghold of the Moors in the 15thcentury and the houses in the villages are still in Berber style. We stayed in Capileira, the highest of the three in the Poqueira George. It’s a quaint place with steep streets that head down the gorge, the old style chimneys that have ‘sombreros’ on them and the farmland is terraced down into the very steep valley. It felt high at around 1,700m, as soon as the sun went down it felt pretty chilly. We very much enjoyed staying in the small village and did a good hike ... read more
Street shoowing a tinao
Mulhacen Peak
Mulhacen peak

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Sierra Nevada December 25th 2014

POVERTYJETSET'S SUPERBOWL BLOG EDITION SPECIAL Even though I've been back in the US for nearly 3 weeks, I've still got a ton of info and pictures to process from The Trips To End All Trips. After Morocco, I headed back to Algeciras, Spain then Porto and Lisbon, Portugal before flying out of Madrid. I easily could have spent much more time in Spain and Portugal but I wanted to be back in the US for the New England Patriots march to Superbowl XLIX. Plus I need a job so the timing was convenient... GO PATS! The easier winter route up the Iberian Peninsula's highest peak, Mulhacén, 11,413' or 3,479 meters, involves ascending via the Loma de Resuello. "Resuello" is best translated as "wheezing" which is appropriate because I was, in fact, gasping for breath at that ... read more
Refugio Poqueiria
Sunset From Refugio Poqueiria
Refugio Poqueiria's Humongous "Hut" Cat

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Sierra Nevada September 27th 2009

Rain, rain and more rain. Yes following on from yesterdays theme we woke to raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens. A short blog today since a) Its Sunday b) I have to catch up on the last four days c) I need to run down the hill and post my postcards, before we are back on duty at 7.30pm for dinner duty. Today we swept up some leaves in the rain, picked apples and walnuts in the rain, shelled walnuts in the rain, peeled apples and tidied the shed, well Dee peeled the apples and was entertained (not) and infuriated (definitely) by Kates stories in the kitchen, whilst I was consigned to the tool shed for a good clean up. The fact that it looks like the inside of a junk yard should have enthused me ... read more
Murphy Enjoying the view
Clouds over Lanjarona
Clouds over Lanjarona 2

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Sierra Nevada September 26th 2009

Another day off (yippee). Dee had decided that after yesterdays exploits she was going to have a day off from tourism and do some relaxing. Being unable to sit still myself, I had planned to take a trip to Motril to see some more shops, but even though I woke early at 7am, by the time I had washed, dressed, had breakfast, connected to the internet and checked the bus time tables I had missed the only bus of the day that leaves at 8am (sigh!), so instead I decided to take myself off up into the hills and go for a nice hike. Kate gave me some very sketchy directions to what she called the waterfall walk and after deliberating about walking poles and waterproofs and deciding against taking my big pack, I set off ... read more
Drinking is bad for you
Few seconds drop
The Waterfall

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Sierra Nevada September 25th 2009

It may be our day off, but we’re up and off down the hill early to catch the bus to Granada. The road is as they say long and winding, but it’s nice to be off on an adventure. Public transport is great and the buses as I’ve said just can’t be faulted for their comfort and cheapness, but it does take a long time to get places from Lanjaron and we do miss having a car. I really, really wanted to go and see the Alhambra, I mean how can you go to Granada and not, but I know it’s not really Dee’s thing and we both want to do some shopping so we have decided that rather than try and pack shopping and the Alhambra all into one day (or by the time we ... read more
Great Architecture
Lovely Square
Clean Streets

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Sierra Nevada September 24th 2009

Today we finally completed our tunnel and moved out of the store room and into our very own Casita. All the guests have now departed so we are finally able to have a Casita to ourselves. Kate had departed early to the airport in Malaga to pick up some friends so we were left to our own devices. While I attended to the daily chores and lugged beds and mattress’s up and down the hill from the tool shed, Dee set about scrubbing our new abode from top to bottom and we also managed to sneak some washing into the “clean” guests washing machine. After a long day and lots of hard work it was nice to be able to finally have a decent shower and relax in our own place and Dee was ecstatic at ... read more
Kiwi Fruit
Inside the Kiwi Fruit

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Sierra Nevada September 23rd 2009

Due to the lack of space in our storeroom and the preponderance of mattress’s I figured it might be a good idea if we simply stacked all the surplus mattress’s on our beds and sleep on top of them. Dee initially thought I was slightly more than crazy and so I was going to have all five on my bed but after stacking them up she was worried that I and they might topple over in the middle of the night and crush her so she gave in and agreed to share them between us. Unfortunately what seemed a good idea in principle turned out to be a lousy idea in practice (possibly since half the mattress’s were cheap foam ones) and instead of being more comfortable they just ended up being highly unstable and at ... read more
Dusk over the mountains
Sky on Fire
Another lovely sunset

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