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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Maro August 26th 2011

What a whirlwind July and August was! Our trip to Pamplona in July took us from the southern coast of Spain all the way to the northern border and into France. Spain is beautiful and spacious, with breathtaking mountain and ocean views, spectacular history, and ancient plazas and buildings that still radiate a glorious past. We had so many extra pictures from our last 6 weeks in Spain that we decided to post them here without the usual narrative. We are currently in Argentina and will be moving onto Chile soon ! Now that we are closer to catching up, we'll soon be posting new pictures from South America. (To enlarge the pictures, click on each individual image.)... read more
Andy and Hunter in Comares
Beach in Saint- Jean du Luz, France
Tapas in San Sebastian

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Maro January 24th 2011

Monday 3rd January 2011 to Sunday 9th January 2011 Monday 3rd January 2011 Maro/Nerja/Malaga Tom was going to ride on trainer and so was I, so Tom went on a bike ride and I went onto trainer for 1 hour. Tom was on MTB up a climb – it is 300 metres rise over 7kms of climbing in mostly 2nd and 1st. He said he felt good and so felt he is getting fitter. Sue and Martin very generously offered up their time and picked us at 11am and took us for a long ride in the car up to the mountains, along scenic roads and where one of The Tour of Spain Category 2 climbs had gone. Martin said the pro teams come here to train for the start of the race season – Tom ... read more
5.1.2011 - Ronda
5.1.2011 - Ronda
5.1.2011 - Ronda

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Maro January 2nd 2011

Monday 27th December 2010 to Sunday 2nd January 2011 Monday 27th December 2010 Maro-Nerja-Andalusia-Spain Have decided to rest here for a while. Beautiful morning so on bicycle and off Tom goes. Computer is programmed on kms travelled but Tom thinks it is on time travelled. So at 21, he stops and has a goo and water and turned around. Got home and Gaye says ‘must have been good as you have been gone for a while’ Tom says ‘no actually gone only 40 minutes’. ‘No’ says Gaye, and I realize and check computer. Oops – Tom has been gone 2.5 hours – the ride was so good he lost track of time. So at 1pm we went on a scooter ride, and rode to where he had turned around on the bicycle. We had a late ... read more
29.12.10 Nerja
30.12.10 Gibraltar
30.12.10 Gibraltar

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