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July 30th 2014
Published: July 30th 2014
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One of the most enchanting things about Granada is that it synthesizes so many seemingly conflicting elements. It’s an hour from the bright Mediterranean waters to the south, and the Sierra Nevada to the east. It is a representation of Catholic Spain, dedicating endless landmarks to the kings that expelled both Moors and Jews, but it also represents a revival of the Granada of the past; where many religions and peoples lived in harmony. I've absolutely fallen head over heels for Granada and for my tiny family in el Albayzin. There’s beauty around every corner, be it a pop of bright flowers hanging over a white wall, a wirey-haired dog peeking out a second story window, or an open patio offering a rare glimpse into the private lives of the Andaluz people. The enchanting sights with spectacular views, the sound of Spanish guitar that is always echoing down the cobblestone paths, the wafting scent of incense and the familiar faces I see around town have all made my trip incredibly memorable and have branded my heart with a smile. what?

Well, tomorrow at 9:30 am I depart Granada en route for Morocco. I'm hoping to make the early bus to Malaga without having to transfer. I'll hand over my keys to Hatha before I leave, and will thank her for being such a gracious host. But before then, I'll be meet Josh for a drink tonight and we'll join his two friends Nia & John in the city center. Nia and John are both expats living in Granada. Nia moved here from Wales, fell in love with John who's from Ireland and now they both bartend for a living and she also teaches English to University students. They are exceptionally sweet and knowledgable people. And as for Pablo, he's disappeared! I suspect the family is on holiday and have left town for a bit. In any case, I look forward to meeting again when I return to Granada for a few days at the end of August.

In concluding this leg of my journey, I've included some of my favorite photos from my trip thus far. I'll be in touch soon! Who knows--perhaps my next entry will be sent from a tea house in Morocco!

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Ensalada CapreseEnsalada Caprese
Ensalada Caprese

Not only beautiful but delicious!
Tortilla EspanolaTortilla Espanola
Tortilla Espanola

The best one yet!

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