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July 28th 2014
Published: July 28th 2014
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With three and a half days left in Granada, I'm feeling like I'm not yet ready to move on. I made it to the beach, and to the outerskirts, to el Sacramonte and have become very familiar with el Albayzin. I checked out the Arab baths, the Cathedral & the Basilica, spent countless hours in many of the plazas & made my way to Carmen de Los Maltires, Parque de las Ciencias & Parque Garcia Lorca. But I've just begun forming friendships & I'd love more time here to allow them to develop.

Friday night I headed down the road to Pesas, a restaurant I've visited before that's at the end of Plaza Larga. I like to sit outside watching the groups of tourists go by on their segways. I ordered calamares fritos with a side of crema de melon con jamon (cold melon soup with bits of jamon Serrano) and a beer. Everything was fantastic! As I sat there journaling, my waitress, Daniella, begun chatting with me. She asked me where I was from and as soon as I responded, she shouted to a guy seated at the table adjacent to mine, "Joshua, ella tambien es de California!" "Debian de hablar," she said with a grin. I got the feeling she was facilitating a set up between the two Americans. In any case, Joshua (Josh) turned to me and begun asking me questions about where I was from and why I had chosen Granada of all places in Spain to live for a bit. Eventually we realized it was silly that we were shouting to one another from our prospective tables and he came to join me at mine. Josh is like a character out of a beat novel--a Jewish guy from L.A. whose lived all over the world--everywhere from a small island off of New Zealand to a remote village in Vietnam to Buenos Aires to a small mountain town outside of Granada (just to name a few). A bit of a pessimist and sometimes crass, Josh is a very nice guy with countless interesting stories. Always a glass of liquor in one hand and a cigarette in the other, he talked about his life on the road as a musician who spent some time as a taxi driver, and now works as a graphic artist & web designer. In any case, I sat there talking with Josh and realized this was the first time in weeks I'd spoken English with anyone. Josh actually speaks Spanish but we decided to keep the conversation in English when his friend Kathryn joined us. Kathryn is a 41-year-old woman who lives in San Francisco but recently quit her job and is house-sitting for a mutual friend of Josh's. She has decided to take three months of intensive Spanish immersion classes and meanwhile is trying to learn as much as she can about Andalusian cuisine as she hopes to one day open a restaurant. The three of us sat around talking about relationships, travel, and food until we closed out the restaurant at midnight. Fernando, a very gregarious and intelligent older man and the owner of the restaurant invited us into the bar as they closed up and asked us to join him for a drink. We stayed for another 40 minutes or so until he was ready to head home.

At this point we had been out talking for a few hours and were all feeling hungry again. With everything closed, Josh invited us over for leftover Indian food and drinks on his patio. There we sat chatting until the sun came up over the mountains. We've hung out the last few nights and have big plans for a paella party hosted by Kathryn in the next few days. Enjoying every minute before I depart for my journey in Morocco on Thursday!


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