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July 20th 2014
Published: July 21st 2014
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Today's entry is meant to be a montage through photos and descriptions of some of my favorite sites thus far and a typical day of both mundane tasks and spontaneous exploration.

This morning i woke up a bit late and ate a breakfast pastry from the panaderia a few doors down. I hovered over the sink while I ate my chocolate croissant in an attempt to avoid crumbs falling on the floor and then having to deal with yet another ant resurgence. Speaking of which, I finally have the ant fiasco under control after I mopped the apartment floor with hot water & vinegar. Although I could think of better scents to perfume my apartment with, the vinegar was the only home remedy I had on hand that came recommended in the many blogs I read while searching for a solution.

After breakfast and a quick shower, I was out the door headed toward the Arabic Quarters. But before I got there, I decided to stop off at the Plaza de San Nicholas. Now I know it seems like I frequent the mirador here frequently (and I do), but it's one of the most spectacular vantages I've ever seen and I just can't get enough. Of course, my favorite time to stare at the Alhambra is at sunset...or just after sunset when they turn the lights on and it becomes this luminescent gem that lights up the entire city. I don't think I could every get sick of this view and wouldn't mind beginning and ending my day reveling in its beauty. It could be like my daily meditation!

Speaking of which, being here has made me think a lot about my love for travel & this very romantic idea I have of traveling as part of a career. (Take a deep breath, mom!) I've read a great deal of travel blogs & have perused various internet sites with tips on how to live and work abroad--so I definitely know it's possible. But how does someone with a non tech/web/design background make such a switch? If only there were a niche for social workers in the same vein as travel nurses! Accordingly, I could definitely see myself making a life here in el Albayzin, riding a Vespa, and perhaps running a yoga retreat in the Alpujarras or a small American bakery/cafe! I

Refreshing mint lemonade
know this could happen. I can make it happen. Food for thought!

Back to Plaza San Nicholas...While I was sitting on the wall looking out at the view, two Canadian guys walked up behind me, map in hand, trying to find their way to Plaza Nueva (right around where I was headed). I turned to them and explained that Plaza Nueva was not far, only a little confusing as you have to make your way through some narrow streets. I explained that I was headed that way if they wanted to join me. At first they seemed surprised that I spoke English but also appreciative to be pointed in the right direction. I guess I'm starting to blend in! My new Canadian friends Gregorio and Arman asked me to take their photo and then we were on our way to the Arab Quarter. I took their photo by a fountain and outside a tea house and they asked me if I'd like to join them for lunch at one of the vegetarian restaurants in the Quarter. Since I'm always up for a snack, I accepted their invite and we popped into a quaint Moroccan restaurant. I wasn't

Tea market
very hungry so I ordered a small dish and a mint lemonade (I'm always so hot here!) the two of them ordered hot Moroccan mint tea and we chatted about our trips thus far over "cachimba" or "hookah." Gregorio & Arman are "traveling companions" and are only staying in Granada for three days before moving on to Cordoba and then Seville. They were quite lovely and had a lot of questions about what I've done thus far and what I'd recommend that they do in their remaining two days. I felt a little silly because somedays I just wander but that's not very useful advice for the two of them. In fact, I still haven't seen the Alhambra & Generalife and won't until August when I return to Granada for a few days with my travel group! In any case, after a leisurely two hours spent together, the two of them were off to take in as much as they could in one day. I stayed behind and was on a hunt for Carmen de Los Martires, a beautiful 19th Century house & gardens on the grounds of the Alhambra. However, my map led me astray and I got lost along the way And never made it. I figured I'd leave it for another day. Meanwhile, I stopped to take lots of photos (decided to bring my iPad along this time) and stopped in at a place called Frank Furt's for a bocadillo. I ordered the San Francisco for a little taste of home!

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A stroll through the Arab Quarters

Plaza Isabel La Catolica
The AlhambraThe Alhambra
The Alhambra

This view never gets old!

21st July 2014

Alway a new view
Seeing the world with eyes open.
22nd July 2014

I love the pictures !!
23rd July 2014

Small world...
This is so funny, I was scrolling down through your photos and came upon the one with the white building and shuttered windows and thought it looked very familiar, then the next photo was of a hostal I've stayed in before! It still wins the prize for the smallest room I have ever stayed in. There is a very good chance we'll be in Spain again soon - let us know if you open that bakery... :)
24th July 2014

Your pictures are amazing! That mint lemonade looks so good - I might have to find me a juice shop today! :) Also, I love/hate the idea of you never coming home! I don't even want you to live in Walnut! :( But I can also see it and see how happy you'd be! The only "travel" social work I know of, is trauma work :/ So, I vote yoga studio!!!! ;)
30th July 2014

Great photos!
Thanks for sharing some of the sights! No wonder why you are so enchanted to stay. Maybe you can open some kind of business for dogs? Dog walking so you can wander around AND be a model citizen by cleaning up after the dogs?

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