Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon via Steve Urkel--the Pablo Edition

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July 19th 2014
Published: July 19th 2014
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This trip has really altered my perspective about how people live outside of my narrow scope of the world. Although I've done a great deal of traveling and I've seen a lot of places, I'm enjoying the slow nature that is living in Granada and find myself noticing so many differences & lovely subtleties just in terms of what people do in their day-to-day. I've also been thinking a lot about the expansive time difference between here and home and how people utilize their spare time. That being said, I am afterall in Europe and am in a popular tourist destination. Granada draws people from all over and has largely been influenced by American pop culture as I learned from a discussion I had with Pablo that focused predominantly on Beyoncé, Puff Daddy and R Kelly. Just an aside, he was horrified when I told him about R Kelly peeing on young girls. "El no es un hombre bueno," he replied disappointed and skipped ahead on his playlist.

But alas I come to the point of this entry's title. As we strolled along aimlessly last night sipping our zumos, I came across this amazing graffiti art of none other than Steve Urkel, the character played by Jaleel White on Family Matters! In any case, my mind got to wandering and I got to thinking about the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, a game fashioned after The Six Degrees of Separation. How many degrees of separation would my good friend Pablo be from Steve Urkel himself? And furthermore, how many degrees would Steve Urkel be from Kevin Bacon? Stay with me people!

Here we go...

Pablo met me in Granada, Spain at his restaurant/bar El Ladrillo.

I met Darius McCrary who played Eddie Winslow (Steve Urkel's neighbor & friend) on Family Matters when he was picking up his little sister from my same elementary school

Darius worked alongside Jaleel White and thus they have only one degree of separation. There are three degrees of separation between Spanish Pablo & Steve Urkel.

And so then my mind kept going...

Jaleel White had a role in the 1990 television movie (I had to look up the year) Camp Cucamonga which also included actress Jennifer Anniston.

Anniston co-starred with Kevin Bacon in the 1997 romantic comedy Picture Perfect.

Therefore, that means there are two degrees of separation between Steve Urkel & Kevin Bacon and five degrees of separation between Pablo & Kevin Bacon.

So when I get to thinking about home and it feels like we're worlds apart, I'll just bring it on back to Bacon.


19th July 2014

Bring it on home...
What a wonderful way for dad and me to start our Saturday morning. We both got such a chuckle from your entry. Again, we both said "only Courtney!" You know what would have been even better? If you'd posted a picture of Pablo along side the image of Jaleel! Our minds are running wild trying to image what young Pablo looks like...everything from tall, dark and handsome to a not-so-green version of Shrek. As the guy from the Sit-n-Sleep commercial says...."you're killing me Larry!" xoxo
21st July 2014

The world grows smaller
The more you travel you realize how small the world is and how connected we are. Now you have a community of travel blog friends from around the world.
22nd July 2014

Ooh I like that game. Ad duh I love Steve Urkel I can tell you more about how my love for family matters came back 7 years ago heheh
30th July 2014

Deep Thoughts by Courtney
What was Darius like in real life??
6th August 2014

Interesting Tidbit
No combination of Paul Rudd, Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Bacon have never been in a movie together. Think about how many movies they've been in?

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