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January 25th 2013
Published: January 26th 2013
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A Chance EncounterA Chance EncounterA Chance Encounter

Inspired. Respect
The day didn't start out as planned, as I got out of hostel late, trying to run for my bus in the pouring rain but to no avail. Missed the morning bus to Cordoba and had to settle for a later timing instead. However, it perhaps was a blessing in disguise as I had a chance encounter with a Japanese lady who was also traveling herself, as she approached me for directions, presumely being the only other Asian around in the bus station. After quite a while of chatting, while waiting for the rain to stop, I was pretty intrigued by her experiences and truly inspired by where she was coming from. Yes we are both avid travelers but these are the differences that made me respect her, even more. She had only basic command of English; she is 61 years old of age; Understandably not traveling with a backpack, she has a luggage that is perhaps 3/4 size of mine; she is on a year long travel around the globe (as she showed me her numerous flight itinerary); she goes where she feels like, unplanned; the number of places that she had travelled to > the number of flights i
The Roman Bridge of CordobaThe Roman Bridge of CordobaThe Roman Bridge of Cordoba

Constructed in early 1st century BC
have even taken; she had never traveled to her neighbouring country, Korea, proclaiming it too near. Wow. I was literally in awe of what she was and is currently doing, inspiring myself even more. Lifelong learning as the saying goes; I think this is perhaps, lifelong traveling. Never too old.

This is fate i guess! That I missed my bus, met her, had a simple brunch with her and subsequently boarded my bus to where I was headed to. Cordoba. A simple little city that was in fact, one of the most majestic in the Andulasia region during the 11th century. Took a map and started wandering around. One really nice thing about Cordoba is that the major attractions are all within walking distance, a 15 min walk from the main bus/train terminal. Circled a few major spots I wanted to hit and found some really nice small alleys surrounded by ancient roman walls en route to the Cathedral. As i would later come to know, that the area i was walking around was the Jewish quarters that had an uncanny similarity to the alleys in Seville, yet possess a sense of ancient feel, perhaps by the protective walls
that surround the shophouses aligning them. Cathedral was pretty similar to the one in Seville as well, especially the tower, with bells on all 4 sides, just short of the lady wind vane at the top.

What was the most eye-catching to me, was the ancient Roman bridge, that is beige-brown with its numerous arched arcades. Unlike the typical modern day contructed bridges, it gives a feeling of being captured in the present yet being restrainted back in the old days, where it is said to be a passing point of the Via Augusta. Across the bridge was the tower that offers a great view of the Cathedral and the bridge, and itself is a musuem. Had a good view of the city centre from there as well, before I make my way towards the Alcazar and then back to the bus terminal.

Next stop: Granada, and the Alhambra awaits.

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A fine city in mighty Andalusia

19th February 2013

God bless you
I can relate to that old lady.... ;)
14th March 2013

God bless you
I see that you are such an avid traveler too :)

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