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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba January 12th 2020

What better way to start the day in Sevile than by having a bowl of cinnamon toast churros with friends? We had to check out the Crunch Cafe before heading to Cordoba for the day. It was delicious and fun. I think a franchise in New Brunswick would be a success! Cordoba was next on the schedule and since I hadn't pre-arranged any tour there, I turned to my good friend Rick Steve's and he didn't disappoint. He suggested a personal guide, Angel, and that's who we spent 3 hours with in Cordoba. At least we did once we figured out the right orange tree and fountain that was our meeting place. Once again there was a Jewish Quarter; only in Cordoba it still has that name. And there is a remnant of a synagogue to ... read more
Breakfast of Champions?
The women's section of the synagogue

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba June 25th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Voilà une journée qui devrait intéressante avec le beau programme que m'a concocté la réceptionniste de l'hôtel. Dans un premier temps 2 visites, situées l'une près de l'autre, dans le quartier d'Albaysin, Sacramonte, dans de la montagne qui domine la ville. Carmen del Chapiz, c'est un ensemble de maisons mauresques, du XIV siècle, et le Palacio del Cordova. 2 visites qui sur les guides méritent le détour. Et en plus le Mirador San Miguel Alto, pour une vue imprenable sur l'Alhambra. Ces 3 lieux sont dans un cul de sac, a priori facile d'accès, sauf quand il n'y a pas de travaux, des routes barrées, des détournements. Le gps n'a rien pu pour moi. Je me suis retrouvé dans des ruelles, où j'ai eu peur d'y laisser les rétroviseurs. J'ai du mal à ... read more
village Andalou
les ruelles

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba June 13th 2018

We took an early morning ‘side trip’ to Cordoba (a place that Jane has wanted to visit since I have known her), which resulted in a guided tour of the majestic Alcazar of the Catholic Kings and its purely magnificent gardens (as they all happen to be here in Spain), the Jewish quarter, Synagogue, and the monumental site of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. The majority of side streets that we walked were flower lined and our senses were enjoying a high with va...rious aromas wafting through the air. We did, as usual, try the local cuisine. The photos of inside the Mosque-Cathedral, with all its long history, do not satisfactorily convey the vastness or skilled architecture / engineering of the place. It is an exceptional monument, still in everyday use for religious purposes, and to an ... read more
Alcazar Gardens, Cordoba

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba May 12th 2018

Cordoba ist zwar schon, aber es war so überlaufen, dass ich ganz grantig geworden bin. Die Mezquita-Catedral von Córdoba, zu Deutsch Kathedralmoschee oder Moscheenkathedrale, ist seit der Reconquista der Stadt deren römisch-katholische Kathedrale. Ihre architektonische Weltgeltung besitzt sie aber als ehemalige Hauptmoschee aus der Epoche des maurischen Spaniens. Als Kirche heißt sie Kathedrale der Empfängnis unserer Lieben Frau. Mezquita ist die spanische Form des arabischen Wortes مسجد Masdschid, DMG Masǧid und entspricht dem ebenfalls gleichbedeutenden deutschen Wort Moschee. Der berühmte Betsaal ist durch Hufeisenbögen in 19 etwa gleich hohe Schiffe mit bis zu 36 Jochen aufgeteilt. Er wurde durch die Emire und Kalifen von Córdoba in mehreren Bauabschnitten immer wieder erweitert. Das Bauwerk gehört mit ca. 23.000 m² zu den größten ehemaligen Moscheebauten... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba May 11th 2018

Die Berge nördlich von Estepona sind fantastisch- Sierra Bermeja und Serrania de Ronda. Ich spielte da stundenlang bis ich endlich nach Ronda kam. Auch hier gibt's eine Kirche, die aus einer Moschee entstanden ist. Dann genussvolle Weiterfahrt über Landstraßen nach Cordoba.... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba » A Mezquita April 8th 2018

These early starts wear you down after a while. This time we're up at 6am to catch the 8.30 train to Cordoba, once the capital of Andalusia. The AVE trains are great, very similar to the TGV in France but the Spanish ones are actually running. Its almost 5 hours from Barcelona to Cordoba with numerous stops along the way. For the most part we appeared to be travelling through Olive groves for as far as the eye can see at around 300km/h. The trains are really comfortable and you can charge all your devices while you watch the world roll by. We arrived in Cordoba at 1.15pm, caught a taxi to our hotel, a little over 1km from the old city centre, dumped our bags and headed straight into town via the old roman bridge ... read more
seville oranges
romsn bridge

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba February 16th 2018

Our personal tour guides Stephen and Christine who live in nearby Coin took us on a 4 day tour which included Sevilla and Cadiz. Sevilla has many beautiful Plazas, outdoor seating areas. and seemed a little less hectic than Madrid. In some ways I would compare it to Melbourne, with Sydney as Madrid. Apparently it is stiflingly hot in summer. Cadiz is well positioned on the coast and played an important role in Spain's era as a dominant naval power until Drake and the British navy took over. We had one of our most enjoyable meals here, fish called John Dory or Peter's used to be available in Sydney but we have not had it for many years. Marlene celebrated her birthday in Malaga this year and recalled that she has not had a birthday ... read more
Torre del Oro
Cathedral de Sevilla
Orange Garden

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba » A Mezquita July 8th 2017

Impressions from Cordoba, Mezquita and more.... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba May 28th 2017

This one is long folks, so apologies in advance. You can leave now quietly - I promise not to notice. On the first of our two full days in Seville we walked too much. That can happen when a city is really a maze and you are a little lost. Not that we were really lost for long, but we did do too much walking. We went to see the bull ring. It is the second oldest in Spain. It was sort of beautiful. I say this because I did not expect to be charmed by a bull ring. In the former infirmary, the mounted heads of the bulls were proud and life-like. We were told the story of Joselito, who was a professional matador (the one who kills the bull) by the time he was ... read more
Pretty square in Santa Cruz

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba » A Mezquita May 28th 2017

Heading out from Granada was rather more relaxed than finding our way in to the apartment. The narrow roads were less daunting with prior familiarity. We elected to journey to Cordoba via the sea port city of Malaga. Hmm. It seemed rather unwelcoming to motoring visitors looking for a parking spot and a place for a bite to eat. Various road changes meant that sat-nav maps were taking us around in circles also. Disenchanted we headed out without our stop and soon arrived in the city of Cordoba with its rich flamenco culture. Unbeknown to us we had arrived during the Spring Festival - Feria de Mayo - where much street entertainment and party mood were in full flight. Many groups of girls were dressed in either traditional flamenco style or else in brightly coloured attire ... read more
Mezquita 2
Mezquita 2
Mezquita 3

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