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May 13th 2009
Published: May 13th 2009
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Well here in Spain during Spring, there is a big thing called "The Patios" which is basically when people have spent time making their patios look beautiful with bright flowers, pots, waterfalls, etc. It takes place in Cordoba for a few weeks, and it is quite a sight. There are 78 patios this year, and they print maps in all the papers and you can tour the city and go into all of the patios for free. They give out awards and each patio boasts their previous winnings on tiles . Some win awards for architecture and they can win various other prizes, they also give out honorable mentions. There are famous buildings in the city that you can also enter to look at the patios within the castle, per say, and entry is free, where normally it would cost something. They have 3 different routes you can follow to look at all the different patios. It was really neat, and all of the people were extremely friendly. We saw a LOT of patios and walked a ton!
It is also "caracoles" season here, snails that it. So every bar and restaurant has signs out for "snails in broth" and there are some places that are constructed just for this time of year, that have a bar and tables and sell only snails. You get them in a glass with a spoon on a small plate, it looks like green sea water with little shells in it. The snails go through an extreme cleaning process, during which they are fed flour, washed with vinegar, and boiled. Some people even drink the broth concoction after eating the snails. I did try one, but found that they just tasted like sand and sea water. Other people live for snail season!
It was a fun day, we didnt get home until almost 1am! But it was definitely worth it!

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Miniture Mannekin PisMiniture Mannekin Pis
Miniture Mannekin Pis

this is a replica of a famous statue from Brussels, i saw it when i was there, it was funny to see it again.

13th May 2009

We should do this in Valpo!
15th May 2009

Terrific photos
Thanks for sending the news letter. Our best to you from (often) sunny Florida, GU David and Sandy
18th May 2009

How spectacular
Hi Erin, What a magnificent place and how blessed you have been to stay there. I can just imagine all these wonderful visions of color whirling through your head. I'm so glad your parents could enjoy some of this with you. You truly have been blessed and you earned it too. LOL Mrs. McCutcheon
19th June 2009

great blog!
Hi Erin, Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the past few months. I'm going to be an assistant in a pueblo in northern Castilla y Leon called Guardo starting in September and am super excited. Are you renewing your beca for the 09-10 year to stay in Spain?

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