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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz February 29th 2012

Hello All! I know I said I would probably have more time to write blogs, which I do, I just haven’t been writing blogs. I’ve been, well, just sort of wandering about Cádiz, riding horses, wandering in La Sierra de Cádiz (the mountainous area of the province of Cádiz) , wandering about Sevilla, and watching television. All things that are a nice way to relax back into the new school year. Oh and there was this thing called Carnaval. I may have to censor, or let you imagine what exactly Carnaval entails exactly…it is pretty outrageous in every sense of the word. Getting back to Cádiz I spent a lot of my first week and a half saying goodbye to other students leaving to go back home for the semester. My friends Anna-lu and Miriam invited ... read more
Chris, also beautiful, I guess?
Lots of People!
Carnaval with the new group!

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz February 20th 2012

Unfortunately, Carneval was not all that I had hoped it would be. I ended up getting a pirate costume with my roommate Kia, for only 10 euros. I thought that was a pretty good deal, and the best part is that I can wear it again next Halloween if I want to. Anyway, we went to Carneval through a travel agency called "We Love Spain". The trip was only 10 euros and included a sandwich, a soda, and a shot. A pretty good deal. The only problem was that everyone from my program was put on the very last bus, bus 14, which also contained the man who was in charge of the other 13 buses. This meant that we weren't able to leave until all the other buses had been taken care of. We were ... read more
Jenny's Camera Again -- Spain 352
Jenny's Camera Again -- Spain 371
Jenny's Camera Again -- Spain 365

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz February 17th 2012

I've been trying to explore Cadiz more in my time off, and get to know the numerous narrow streets and districts in the old town. It's starting to pay off! I found an antiques market on Sunday morning opposite Parques Genoves, that sold all sorts of odds and ends from old photos, jewellery, military badges, old cameras and books; to kids toys, playstation 2 games, chargers for all sorts of devices and a lot of tat!! I had a good rummage and came away with a charger for my old phone for e1.50. For lunch I went to the famous Freiduria at the Plaza de los Flores for a cucurucho de pescado frito; random fried seafood in a paper cone. Mine contained a whole fried prawn, a huevo (still not sure what it is exactly), chocos, ... read more
sunset over la Caleta
sea-urchins and cerveza
Danni and myself

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz February 11th 2012

One of the excursions in my program is to take weekend trips to neighboring cities. This was Cádiz, and no you probably won't be able to pronounce it correctly. The beaches sparkle with a glisten that carries a more blunt silver sheen. Rather than the typical white-sand and clear water combination, it has that subtle vanilla cream sand with the bold, platinum waves. The most city most south of Spain. Where Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan filmed that one James Bond movie. I am not going to waste another sentance sounding like a tourist. During far historical times when French were the conquestors, Cádiz was the only untouchable city that resisted Napoleon's powertrip tantrum on Europe. The constitution by Franco was written there as was the updated version once his reign ended. It is a political ... read more
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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz February 3rd 2012

I've settled into some sort of a routine here; after a lazy start due to my inability to get out of bed in the mornings, go for a walk around the coastline (which I've even expanded into a jog at times), return for some faffing about before getting stuck into lesson plans. The third week for me was a real test. I was so glad to be able to have a base here, and have more people to converse with, but also found it very lonely at times this week as I found I had more time away from teaching but not a lot to do. So I embarked on a mission to find a gym or dance class in the mornings. Turns out there isn't a lot of choice so I may take up pilates ... read more
another lovely sunset
Danni and Steve

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz January 22nd 2012

Wow, talk being thrown in at the deep end!! My first day I went to the main building in El Puerto at 10:30, expecting to spend the morning in training, heading to Cadiz in the afternoon to get my social security number, and then preparing for my class at 19:30. So imagine my surprise when after spending an hour waiting for people to turn up, the manager comes in and announces that I have a new class starting earlier in the afternoon and that I needed to get my lesson plans sorted asap! I had the books thrust into my hands and sat down with a sheet of paper. I hammered out two lesson plans as best I could before lunch. Then I was off with a teacher to Cadiz which is a half hour drive ... read more
Filleting an eel, mercado central
Castillo de San Sebastian
urchin festival

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » Castellar de la Frontera January 16th 2012

Cadiz day 4 Woke up this morning due to a large number of people leaving the dorm room and the fact that my legs were poking out of the bottom of the duvet, not designed for tall people. could here the rain beating down on the shutters outside and thought myself lucky that i was in the place where they had more than 300 days sunshine a year. Went for brekkie and just bumming around until about 11 waiting for the rain to ease off which obviously never happened. Decided to go and check out the market and hit the supermarket as well, nice well stocked carrefour and the market was dead as apparently everything is on a monday, including all of the museums that i wanted to visit. typical. Managed to get absolutely soaked in ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Fernando January 15th 2012

Day 4 Finished last night by drinking a copious amount of beer with the american eric stating in the same room as me. Beer was only 99c so 4 litres each cost 8 euro. Not too bad at all. Went to bed at 1 and were the first 2 to head to bed in our dorm of 8 people. Slowly adjusting the body clock to spanish time and speed. Woke up at about 9 and after brekkie, weather not so good today very cloudy and cold, headed off to the bus station and got rained on en route. Nice. Bus more expensive than was advertised anywhere but the journey was very pleasant, nice and warm about 32 hours to dump me in the middle of Cadiz at a rather delapidated bus station adjacent to the train ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz December 16th 2011

Last week I made the Cádiz version of Christmas cookies with my family. Then are called rosquitos and tasted a little bit like homemade doughnuts. We had a lot of fun making them. The days that followed were gruesome, jam-packed with studying for finals and writing final papers. Last Friday was my first final, the written and listening section of my grammar course. There was a lot of material and not a lot of time to spend on each section, but hopefully I did well! I will find out my grade on Monday. On the following Monday, I had my oral exam for my grammar class. I was extremely nervous, because no matter how much I study grammar, I seem to choke when I have to speak out loud. My professor showed me two pictures and ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz December 4th 2011

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t updated you in awhile, but the extremely long blog that I will post after this one will make up for it. Before I post that blog, I will give you a few updates. On Sunday, November 20th Jeff Clifton (the new API director in the U.S.) came to town and 7 of the API students, myself included, went to dinner with him to tell him about API’s Cádiz program and give him some feedback. It was so wonderful to be able to brag on Juan, my family, and API in general. I would highly recommend API for anyone who is thinking about studying abroad. On Monday, November 21st, Blake Edward Morton came to see me! I flew to Madrid to meet him and I cannot put in words how much ... read more

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