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June 11th 2018
Published: June 11th 2018
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Entrance to the site. Entrance to the site. Entrance to the site.

A little information given about the area.
Los Millares is located just outside the small village of Gador, Andalusia, you really need to find it on google first before you head out as there is no signage until you are almost there then a small red sign appears simply saying Los Millares. Unfortunately this is the norm for Spain, very little to tell you about a place that should be well advertized as Los Millares is considered one of the most important Copper Age sites in all of Europe.

The site consits of an urban area with collective burial sites dating back to 3200-2200 B.C. It is a self guilding tour with no admission fee however there is a small information centre at the road where you can obtain a small brochure. It is a good 20 min walk to the first burial site where there are 3 large mounts only one is accessable though a large enough hole to crawl through or a small Gnome to access the inner area. Inside the walls a small cluster of simpe dwellings as well as one large building containing evidence for copper smelting. Pottery excavated from the site includs plain and decorative wares.

There is a small reconstructed
A little bit of a walkA little bit of a walkA little bit of a walk

Following the gravel path
area to demonstrate what everyday life might have been like.

Walking around the vast area I wondered how much has yet to be discovered, the site sits on almost 2 hectares of land with 80 large buials and verious ceremonial structures. But how much more is there! Or should it just be left as it is, the origanal excavation was in the early 50's , and looks as if little has been done since.

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1 open Burial site1 open Burial site
1 open Burial site

Not a big opening
The oldest EnclosureThe oldest Enclosure
The oldest Enclosure

Perhaps the defence system.

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