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April 30th 2019
Published: April 30th 2019
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Another country visited and discovered .

We started in the north at a place called Novi Sad and it was a very pleasant stop .It,s claim to fame is a fortress that was designed and built in the 1300s (I think that is right) . It really was impressive .The fortress itself is built on a hill but they dug and reinforced tunnels sourounding it . A whole network of tunnels within Air vents , smoke exhaust holes , gun holes (?) for long guns , sink whole traps , the equivalent of dumb waiters to bring down food and other supplies . It was quite the design and required the labour of the 10000 soldiers who lived there to do the work .Above the tnnels and below the fortress they developed what they called the mine field should the enemy breach the outer wall . They had also rigged explosives in the tunnels in the event these were breached in any fashion .

ALL very elaborate and they never had reason to use it !!!

If you are interested I am sure you can goggle it .

The next day we used the public bus system to travel 90 minutes to Belgrade . They are currently building a high speed train between the 2 cit ies ...sponsored by the Chinese government. . It was a very full bus but I was fortunate enouh to sit with a Serbian woman in her 70,s . She w as a retired children's dentist and her English was quite good . She showed me photos of her grandson and talked a little about the sites I should see in Bellgarde . She also talked a bit about life in Serbia . She feels it was better when they were all part of Yugoslavia . She felt that then no one had anything and people were happier . Now everyone want s MORE and people are no happier. It was an interesting visit and the journey went quickly .


And it continued to rain

And you know how I feel about rain...

Belgrade lòoked quite ugly in the rain.

The buildings, by and large are grey and many have seen better days .

It was not a good impression . Mind you we soon headed out to a Serbian restaurant and ate MEAT ...The Serbs do like their grilled meat . I had a chicken fillet stuffed with cheese and ham wrapped in bacon and grilled . They salad was simple and a great compliment . This was all wáhed down with 2 wheat beers and then rain did not matter to much

On our return to the hotel I was happy to spread out in a double bed to sleep .The beds are usually narrow singles so it was a treat . The single woman who joined our group in Budapest has purchased a private which means I get one also . Not a bad deal ...for me.

Today has been a good day although it did rain periodically . Nothing an umbrella couldn,t handle . The city has many museums , pedestrian walkways , a Bohemian district , silicon alley, churches , temples and even an mosque which waz built in the 1300,s and is the oldest building in Bellgarde . The fort is impressive and the views of the rivers and the city , old and new are great. .

It has been a good day .

Tomorrow we head to Sarajevo. Umet, our guide , says it is his favourite place on this tour . We will be travelling 7 hours through mountains in a mini bus . It should be interesting.

Enough for now . Do like hearing your reactions and updates. Keep I touch .


30th April 2019

Wow, you are really getting around! Reminds me of that old movie "If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium"! Does it seem like you're always on the road, or is there enough time to relax in-between? I'm sure the civil war was hard on the buildings and people in Serbia and area. Glad to hear some of the ancient structures survived. All is well here, trees are beginning to bud, so that tease of colour is encouraging us that spring will eventually become summer. Still very very dry in Saskatoon and area. Lots of snow down south apparently. Glad you're finding fun and food and brewskis! Take care.
30th April 2019

Rain for you
Hi. Being born in a cold damp country doesn't help with rain either. Hope you don't have too much more of that. Glad you had an interesting seat companion on the bus. Too bad Belgrade was grey. The first time I went to Barcelona it tipped it down. There was a transit strike too. The next visit was in full sunshine ,transit was up and running and it seemed like a totally different city. Knowing you,you will see the best in everything.
1st May 2019

1st May 2019

Attention to detail
I love the posts Pam. Especially your attention to detail of the food, the people and the weather. I think I need to travel to all these destinations

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