June 5: Expoloring

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June 5th 2018
Published: June 20th 2018
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Ten days here so far and everything is going great. I still have to take naps due to jet-lag but it doesn't hold me back from exploring what this village has to hold. South of my grandmother's house is a forest of white bark and green circular shaped leaves, and I've began to recently explore what lives in the forest.

In the forest, you have never ending trees of white that streach over the wide hill, many species of mushroom that are either poisonous or edible, forgotten items, and beautiful flowers of yellow, white, blue, and purple. Just recently I've found a shoe with a bunch of plants growing from it. Nature always gives and takes.

To the west, you have another wide hill, which has to be my favorite sight to look at. There are different species of trees littered here and there, and on going grass of lucious green. The hill is a bit distant but that makes the sight even more amazing. The hill looks a bit foggy and makes it look like its part of a foreign world. Every time I come back to my grandmother's house, I walk home seeing my favorite view.


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