June 10: The Taboon

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June 10th 2018
Published: June 23rd 2018
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A couple weeks into the trip and so far it has been memorable. I've visited relatives, went exploring, and had done activities in the village. One of these activities is cow herding.

Every morning, cow owners let their cows go to let them roam with the other cows, heading off into the grassy fields. All day, the cows graze the fields. When its around 7:30 to 8:00 PM, the cows follow the road back home, and we meet them at the Taboon. The Taboon is a fork in the road where cow owners and other people in place of cow owners gather to wait for the cows. I've joined in because my great aunt Liba can't walk far, and her house is a 15 min walk to the Taboon. So I've took her place and herded her cows home.

Liba has 2 female cows and 1 calf. Marta, the black adult cow, brings the most trouble. Marta is afraid to be touched, so she runs when someone tries to touch her, and great aunt Liba always has a hard time getting milk from her. The other adult cow is a brown 12 year old cow. She's Liba's favorite, because she listens and makes the job easy for Liba. The brown cow had a calf a few months ago, so the black calf is only a couple months old. The cald has a seperate room where he stays, and every so often, I visit the calf.

Liba also has a cat and kitten she recently got. One of her friends died and left a cat and kitten to her care. She doesn't like cats very much but she takes care of it any ways. The cat is a white short hair with beautiful grey eyes, while the kitten got the mother's white fur, but still has to open it's eyes. I like to visit the kitten because it's the only time I get to see a kitten so small. I already have cats back home, and all of them are grown up.

When I get back to Grandma Liza's house, it's already 9:00 PM, and time to sleep. Every once in a while, we watch a movie, but only if it seems interesting. If not, we head off to sleep, getting our rest for another day's work.


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