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Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk January 25th 2020

When we flew away from Krasnoyarsk after our last bicycle tour, something felt unfinished. We had made a few friends and become comfortable with the neighborhood. We knew where to go for a nice run, a beautiful hike, the cities best espresso machiatto, and the best bowl of noodles we have ever had in Russia....maybe anywhere. Fate doubled down on our departure anxiety with a two hour delay on the tarmac. We waited in a long queue with the seatbelt light on trying to think about anything besides urinating. Finally, one of us rushed the bathroom and used the "I'm a girl in a chivalrous country" ploy, while the other nearly overflowed an empty bike bottle under an in-flight blanket. One would think that a couple of weeks in a smoggy, Siberian city would leave ... read more
Lit up night skiing right from our door
Krasnoyarsk from Bobrovy Log
Our cozy flat

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk October 22nd 2018

Our first taste of early winter on the south shore of Baikal was a real awakening. Following days of rain at lake level the mountains were covered in snow just above us. We think of ourselves as rather cold-hardy people and we have saddled up for some pretty bad weather over the years, but we still felt a sense of urgency to get rolling and not stop. Back in Chita, when we bought our return tickets to the States, we chose Krasnoyarsk as our departure city thinking that we would take a leisurely pace in the fall and make a few stops. We also knew from experience that the highway to and through Novosibirsk would be very busy, making Krasnoyarsk a fitting place to stop. But the winter in the Baikal region started to press ... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk July 27th 2018

We arrived in Krasnoyarsk about 10am on Friday. We were met and immediately taken off for a city tour. Unfortunately the weather had turned and it was misty, grey and threatening rain. We drove into the city centre and the main square, where predictably there was a theatre .There were some intersting "dancing" fountains which were amusing a lone small child in the centre of the square. To the left we were told to look at the clock tower. This was described as Krasnoyarsk's Big Ben. On the side of the square was another fountain which would hve been very pretty, but it was undegoing repair and restoration. This depicted the local rivers as maidens and the god of the river in the front accepting his guardianship. At the bottom was also a statue to Anton ... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk June 6th 2017

R: So by now it was Tuesday and we had one more day across Siberia before our first stop in Irkutsk. We had a lie in in the morning, mainly because the cabin was now so hot that it was difficult to move! The scenery had changed by now and there were more scattered villages, small holdings and animals roaming around. It certainly felt more rural. Between us, we had tonnes of information about the route. Richard had brought the Trans-Siberian Handbook, which has incredibly detailed information about the things you would pass. There are little white markers along the track that show your distance from Moscow which help you work out what you are passing. (We were now 4098 km from Moscow). This was quite entertaining, especially when there was nothing else to look at, ... read more
Siberian countryside
Buffet Car feast
Carpets of Orange wild flowers

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk September 15th 2014

The rider thought about to have a lol with the music on. And didn't want to think about to hold the wheel even we were driving with 110km speed :)) Ooh never mind that we gonna fly to the valley :))) read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk May 5th 2013

Our Russian dumplings with pepper sauce were a success so much so we made them again the following night. With the help of our 'hello we don't speak Russian, please can we have a bus ticket to Kungar write the price here _______ and the time here __________' messages we were successful in catching a 2 hr bus and heading to Kungar - next a taxi to the ice-cave. The taxi driver laughed at the message (at last we made a Russian laugh) but took us to destination. With no message we got the ticket to the ice cave and explored the underground caves- one big one with lots of icicles but the others were more like dungeons and underground lakes. There were no taxis to take us back to the bus station so we used ... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk April 11th 2013

I forgot to add hostel information for Krasnoyarsk on my last blog, so here it is: I stayed at: Sib Tour Guide Hostel, Krasnoyarsk, Mira street, building 85, apartment 72 г. Красноярск, проспект Мира, д. 85 кв. 72 Anatoliy and co. are very helpful and a wealth of information on local stuff to do and the Stolby park. The Hostel is tricky to find however. When you're on Mira Street, facing the large white building at number 85, take the little alley around the back of the building where there are several doors to apartments. They're at apartment 72 but there was no sign to say it's hostel there. Make sure you contact them in advance, as the hostel is just a flat and there's not usually anyone in! I went to: Stolby Nature ... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk January 17th 2013

After a quick cab ride we arrived at the station in Omsk and next thing we knew we were on another train heading in the direction of Krasnoyarsk. This time we had a 40-something guy as our roomie. Suspiciously (or not?), he had already taken up all the overhead luggage storage with lots and lots of boxes. This meant we had to fit our rucksacks into the smaller space under the bunks. When we got on the train he appeared to be asleep (even though it was 11:30) so we tried tiptoeing around to get our luggage packed away. That done we realised we needed to get to work sorting out our blog and settled down to write a few entries. Soon enough, we had another stupid o’clock stop to get off the train at Krasnoyarsk ... read more
Coffee at Travellers Coffee
Travellers Coffee
Wooden architecture in Krasnoyarsk

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk July 25th 2012

The first task of the day is to cross the border back into Russia. We're braced for the usual hours of hanging round when suddenly its all over and we're through. 30mins to leave Kazakhstan, 90mins to get into Russia - its the smoothest & quickest crossing we've had As soon as we enter Russia the landscape is totally different. The Western Siberian Plain is still flat, like the Kazakh steppe, but there's no grassland, its all crops - giant fields of sunflowers, wheat, potatoes. The European style houses have gone and we're back to gingerbread cottages. The roadside cemeteries have gone and we now have onion domed chapels. We head north, through the fields, to Barnaul where we cross the River Ob whose banks are full of locals sunning themselves. Its the world's 7th longest ... read more
its all change as soon as we cross the border
the European style houses are replcaed by rows of 'gingerbread' cottages
road-side cemerties have gone and are replaced by onion domed chapels

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk June 30th 2012

Spent a few days in Krasnoyarsk in between 2 weeks around Lake Baikal and an upcoming planned 2 weeks in the Tuva and Altai Republics. I liked Krasnoyarsk and it's perfectly situated to break up the trip between the 2 far apart regions. Last night I left on the train for the 10½ hour ride to Abakan. At the train station there is a beater bus leaving for Kyzyl at 7:50 am for 600p. and arriving at 4:00 pm. It was sold out so I waited for the much more expensive and faster share taxi to leave at 8:20 am. The driver first asked for 1500p. but since I was able to ask the correct price from fellow passengers I paid 1200p. Comfortable ride but the scenery was somewhat obscured by the smoke from the nearby ... read more

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