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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Karelia June 30th 2018

Kizhi is an island near the geometrical center of the Lake Onega in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. Lake Onega is between 31 - 127 metres deep with 1650 islands (mostly rocky outcrops). The best known island is Kizhi. The island was very prosperous from the middle ages because of the trade with timber, furs and fish. It was frequently targeted in raids but when Peter the Great established Russia's soverignity in the Finnish borderlands that the region witnessed a construction boom using the local timber. They have a very traditional method of cutting wood by cutting with axes rather than sawing believing that it closed the grain of the wood against moisture while wooden pegs and joints were used rather than nails as they were expensive. As we set off for our tour of the ... read more
Traditional bead making using crochet techniques
Domes being restored

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Karelia October 3rd 2011

The world is changing. The trees of the endless Russian forest, a few weeks ago alive with a million vibrant emerald hues, are now becoming dull. The ominously brooding greys and blacks of the sky, from which just over a month ago the sun beat down on us at over 30°C, do not allow the leaves to show off their potentially glorious array of autumn colours. Instead they are lifeless shells, drab reminders of the coming winter that one by one fall from the trees and drift slowly to rest on the forest floor. The number of dark, bare, skeletal branches is rising, soon to outnumber those laden with the last real colours this world will see for six months. A few droplets of rain trickle down the train window through which I am looking, not ... read more
The church in Shchelyeyki
Cars waiting for the ferry that never came, Voznesenye
The log church in Gimreka, built 1659

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Karelia June 6th 2011

As I arrived in Pyalma the sun, though it would never entirely disappear at this latitude at this time of year, was drifting slowly downwards in the vague direction of the horizon, illuminating the world with a magical light that I could only recall having seen twice previously on equally clear days during summer in the Far North and Mongolia. This light, which quite possibly occurs far more frequently than I realise but only sticks in my memory during moments on the road when it throws itself on places of exceptional beauty, flooded the world with the sort of glow that film directors give certain scenes to make them seem more alive, vibrant, peaceful or memorable, enhancing the colours to an intensity and warmth that is almost unnatural. As to the viewer of that sort of ... read more
Pyalma, Karelia
A woman herding cows in Pudozh, Karelia
Houses in a Karelian village

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