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May 20th 2007
Published: August 7th 2007
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"Use the blessed chance - that of being a human - to make the world better, fairer and more beautiful, not only for mankind but for the whole nature!" Herman Oberth - one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics.

After 3 wonderful days in Sighisoara we were heading towards Sibiu. Bought ourselves tickets to the mini-bus and 2 hours later there we were! Since Friday the weather was very very hot and the Sunday noon ride was a nightmare - I ve promised my self I ll never travel in a mini-bus (peasants traveling with frozen lambs in their bags, bicycles and what ever u can think of).
Sibiu is the European Cultural Capital of 2007 in partnership with Luxemburg and it had to be on my itinerary list. Of course we planned for many years to visit it but things dont always come out as u plan them - even now some things didnt go as we hoped but I prefer to consider them as a good excuse to come back sometime in the future.
I always thought Sibiu's size is closer to a large city but we managed to go every part of the city and
First stepsFirst stepsFirst steps

Even the canals r covered with the city's emblem..
outside on foot (we were trained on the hills of Sighisoara).
We met same polite people, from taxi drivers to locals, very clean streets and lots of joy - every day is a new serie of artistic and cultural events.The historic center and the landscape surounding the city were amaizing.
I spent incredible moments at the sheepfold, we were even invited to assist at the milking but with all the dogs, horses, donkeys around we chosed to watch from our favourite spot without disturbing anybody. We managed to visit Gaudeamus book festival, bought some books & souvenirs and in the end we realised we have more lugages than we can hadle.
Everytime u say goodbye it depressing and this last day the weather wasnt on our side... Well we arrived in our capital after 5 hours train ride and from Monday morning I ll be back on my dayly routine but I ll always remember: Dont give up on ur dreams!Meet u there!

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I wonder...I wonder...
I wonder...

Do people around here have a problem with time? Every tower has at least one clock...
The Big SquareThe Big Square
The Big Square

and the kids atraction... in the background a house with more than one pair of "eyes"
Liars bridgeLiars bridge
Liars bridge

The legend says that if someone doesnt say the truth while is on it, the bridge will crash :))

Astra museum - a very large outdoor museum presenting traditional houses from all the regions in Romania.

Collecting water-old style
Life at the museumLife at the museum
Life at the museum

While some people enjoy the sights, others r working...

as it was written: fulling mill with single roll and whirlpool
Beautiful landscapeBeautiful landscape
Beautiful landscape

Still inside the museum...
Life at the sheepfoldLife at the sheepfold
Life at the sheepfold

Our getaway - 2 minutes from our the background Fagaras mountains covered in snow
One of the sheepfold's guardianOne of the sheepfold's guardian
One of the sheepfold's guardian

Every evening we stopped by "he" was watching us...
This must be 7th heavenThis must be 7th heaven
This must be 7th heaven

Very hot & windy spring day on the sheeps field..
The Carpenter's TowerThe Carpenter's Tower
The Carpenter's Tower

The fortress in Sibiu.. in the background The Potter's Tower
Off we goOff we go
Off we go

Weather is changing
Travelling in style Travelling in style
Travelling in style

No more mini-bus rides..We booked ourselves ticktes for Blue Arrow train

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