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June 24th 2007
Published: August 7th 2007
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Proud woman in traditional costumeProud woman in traditional costumeProud woman in traditional costume

She was happy to give me details about her costume: traditional wear from Oas region - Satu Mare, every piece is handmade.
National Folklore Festival - 3 days of traditional music, dances, food and art.

A great project that took place in Cismigiu Park, perfect location in my oppinion. During the 3 days more than 400 singers and dancers performed on the stage from all the regions in Romania - definetly one doesnt get the chance to see all of them at once in the same place.
Personally I dont listen to folklore music besides weddings and special events but I love the costumes, dancing and that aura those people performing have it. It was a great opportunity to learn more about each region's customs and style, the way they talk, so different for someone who is born and raised in Bucharest
Even if outside was over 35C degrees people came (young & old), clapped their hands, had fun, singing and dancing in the Cismigiu Park. I cant imagine how ll those singers and dancers managed the heat while they were dressed with so many items.
The festival is at the first edition and we hardly wait the second one next year where they promised to bring folklore singers from other countries too. The least we can do is to do everything
Folklore singers - Teleorman regionFolklore singers - Teleorman regionFolklore singers - Teleorman region

The temperature outside is over 35C degrees,they r wearing wool mantles but nothing can take that smile off their faces.

The temperature outside is over 35C degrees,they r wearing wool mantles but nothing can take that smile off their faces.
in our power to preserve whats left of our cultural heritage.
Yes city people dont wear traditional clothes anymore but who could afford it anyways? A woman's shirt called "ie" is over 100 Euro handmade but looking further how that shirt was made its understandable: hours, maybe days sewing each flower, star or whatever symbols represents the region. The handmade items r unique, although many have same symbols none is the same as the next one.
Those pics reflect only a small part of this beautiful art and u really can understand it only by trying to sew at least one lil flower. Then u can appreciate it at its real value.

Enjoy it!

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Folklore dancers - Teleorman regionFolklore dancers - Teleorman region
Folklore dancers - Teleorman region

Each region has its own dance style, mix of colours - just like a lable.
Calusarii - performing Calusul danceCalusarii - performing Calusul dance
Calusarii - performing Calusul dance

Very ancient Romanian dance, people used to believe it drove away bad spirits and demons.The costumes r decorated with ribbons, bells and on the flag r tied basil & garlic.
Dancers - Moldova region_SuceavaDancers - Moldova region_Suceava
Dancers - Moldova region_Suceava

So young and talented..
Just a face in the crowdJust a face in the crowd
Just a face in the crowd

This old lady reminds me of my grandma, who used to put on her traditional clothes every Sunday or important holiday.
Beautiful traditional shoesBeautiful traditional shoes
Beautiful traditional shoes

Nowdays only in remote villages u get the chance to see people fully dressed in traditional wear but this type of shoes I havent seen in ages.
View from the lakeView from the lake
View from the lake

Some people got better seats to this show
The singers from Oas regionThe singers from Oas region
The singers from Oas region

Very large trousers for men and lots of skirts for women. Their singing style is called "tipurit" and its very unique. High notes - Mariah Carey style - performed by women as well as men.

11th July 2007

nice country
hi elena, just a random scan of the travel blog and i found your blog. it is really quite fascinating to learn the cultures of other places. recently, the former olympic gymnast champion from Romania (Ms. Comaneci? - not sure about the name) visited our country - the Philippines and i became interested to know more about Romania. just reading blogs about Romania, oh how i wish i could visit the place someday.

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