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August 20th 2007
Published: August 20th 2007
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Our ride...Our ride...Our ride...

The 3 stars bus somewhere on the highway to Constanta
Incredible Romania!
What makes summer a good summer? Hot weather, time on your side, sea, sand, getting a tan or even sunburnt and nothing would be so fun without close friends to share all that with.
Well we didn’t have much time on our side just an extended weekend as we decided to catch the Friday evening bus towards Constanta.
So we arrived at the bus station around 7:15 PM where we found more than 200 people waiting to get on the same bus. The buses were scheduled to leave every 30 minutes but we realised we have no chance to board on the one from 7:30 PM. Not long after we arrived I noticed that some guys who came after us were already on the 7:30 bus so how can that be possible? Well that’s why I love Romania anything and anyone can be bought: the bus ticket from Bucharest to Constanta costs around 14 Euro but for an extra 4 Euro “tip” the driver can save you a seat and you don’t have to fight in order to get in the bus… and they say we joined European Union.. I bet same things happen in Paris too..
Anyways we bought our 8 PM seats and after a 4 hour ride we were in Constanta, been picked up by some friend and landed in Techirghiol, our home for the next 3 days. Sleepless we drank, sang and danced all night celebrating a friend’s b-day as well as mine. Early in the morning we headed for the beach to catch the sunrise over the Black Sea.
Two weeks ago big floodings were all over south-east Romania, the rain managed to destroy the beaches but we were surprised to find everything rebuilt and beautiful. The sea never looked so clear, calm and warm, the beach in Eforie Nord was crowed already at 8 AM and till 5 PM we couldn’t get away from it. Hungry, sunburnt and exhausted we went to get a late lunch at a restaurant on the beach where I had the best seafood salad ever.
On the news they announced a record of more than 140.000 tourists at the seaside over the weekend and it sure felt that way later in the evening when we had trouble finding a table in the restaurant and then in the club. Around 3 AM we decided we can continue the party
Black SeaBlack SeaBlack Sea

Black Sea Regatta Competition
at home as we were full of energy and sleepless.
Sunday went by so fast as we were already packed and sad to return back home. We booked our train tickets although the train was already full and they were selling tickets with no seat. We travelled standing on the train’s staircase, that way we had natural air conditioner running through our hair, sun in our face arriving home more sunburnt than we already were.. oh and not to mention pennyless... positive thinking always helps 😊.
Drawing the line its been a crazy fun weekend, we had everything we could desire and more, above all I spent it with the right people in a perfect place.
This summer was crazy for sure and from what I ve heard its not over yet. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

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First step...First step...
First step...

Very clear warm water
Sunflower field?Sunflower field?
Sunflower field?

The high temepatures in July and the floodings in August did no good to agriculture.

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