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May 19th 2007
Published: August 7th 2007
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The Clock TowerThe Clock TowerThe Clock Tower

U can run but u cant hide from it...
... Life is the road and I wanna keep going
Love is a river and I wanna keep flowing,
Life is a road now and forever.. a wonderful journey!

Veni, vidi, vici.. actually Sighisoara conqured me!... nothing I could write can describe the feeling I had while I was staying there... First thing I noticed when I arrived there was the train station...not very clean and first impression always counts for foreigners. Coming from Bucharest Im very used to crazy taxi drivers who try to overcharge the clients but I was amazed to meet really polite and honest people. It was less than 1 Euro from train station to city center, I gave him 2 Euro and he said: "miss thats too much, I cant accept it"... THAT MUST HAVE BEEN A KODAK MOMENT.... very soon I realised politeness is a way of living there. The city girl inside me was pleasantly surprised and also I am very proud of these people. They work a lot for every penny/leu they earn, the city doesnt offer many alternatives for the youth: a few jobs in banks, restaurants and tourism..thats all.. but they are a very united as a community and everybody
One of the week's figurine...One of the week's figurine...One of the week's figurine...

Can u guess what day of the week was?
is a part of the little city events. For example there are 3 or 4 highschools in the city and every series that graduates at the end of 12 grade is celebrated. All pupils get together, dressed in graduation gowns and walk all over the town, all the way to the old fortress..actually every major event takes place there.
I spent 3 wonderful days in Sighisoara, I met new people and I got more than I was hoping for.. everywhere I went people where talking mostly in english or hungarian so if I would have stood another 3-4 days I would have come back speaking "fluently" hungarian 😊)).

Facts about Sighisoara: medieval town, people still live, work in this old fortress, UNESCO patrimony, attested in documents in 1280.
At the beging there where built 14 defense towers but nowdays there are still standing in very good conditions just 9 of them. The Clock Tower is the most representative of them. Up on the tower there are 7 figurines for each day of the week (they represent the pagan gods - Diane- Monday, Mars-Tuesday, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Sun-Sunday). Watching over the city there are: Godess of Peace &
Exploring the hills nearbyExploring the hills nearbyExploring the hills nearby

Lots of stairs everywhere.Many locals carry their shoppings on foot-no one is fat around there!
the drummer, Godess of Fairness, Godess of Justice and 2 angels representing day and night.
Every year there are 2 major festivals: The Festival of medieval Art (end of july) and Proetnica Festival (begining of August).
I left Sighisoara very optimistic, thinking I ll be back someday, hopefully very soon... This is not the end!

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Exploring the hills nearbyExploring the hills nearby
Exploring the hills nearby

We're definetly out of shape...
Up on The Clock TowerUp on The Clock Tower
Up on The Clock Tower

The distance from Sighisoara's Tower to -> Rome, New York, North & South Pole, etc.
Waiting for the Citadel's drummer..Waiting for the Citadel's drummer..
Waiting for the Citadel's drummer..

Meanwhile, everything happens inside the Citadel: a bride and her groom arrived in the fortress(the city's canal network and the pavement is replaced and she's wearing high heels:))
Meeting the drummer...Meeting the drummer...
Meeting the drummer...

We're welcomed by the Citadel's drummer and his company.These 3 men r very dedicated to their work inside the fortress and make u feel a part of it as soon as u get in contact with them.
The Shoemakers' TowerThe Shoemakers' Tower
The Shoemakers' Tower

Our journey through the fortress begins: 930 m of defense walls, 9 towers and lots of history
The Taylors' TowerThe Taylors' Tower
The Taylors' Tower

The second entry in the fortress.
The TinkersThe Tinkers
The Tinkers

Our lovely guides explaining the history of each tower (named after the skills/activity that took place inside of it).PS: our guides can greet tourists in more than 50 foreign languages from hebrew to japanese!
Saxon outfit..Saxon outfit..
Saxon outfit..

We met her on our tour, in a local souvenir shop...
Covered stairsCovered stairs
Covered stairs

176 steps take u to the School Hill.The legend says: if u take ur lover and kiss on each step, at the 53 step if the man ever cheated on his girl he'll call her by the other woman's name...
The church on the hillThe church on the hill
The church on the hill

The building of this church began in 1345.Inside: rare pieces of religious sculpture and paintings Gothic style; also contains tombs dating from 16th century- I wasnt brave enough to get down there..
Our roomOur room
Our room

Looks more like Juliet's room.. it was very large, also the bathroom was the size of my living room..
View from our room..View from our room..
View from our room..

O Romeo, where art thou?.. The Clock Tower at night

Every morning we were exhausted but happy to be there. I loved the restaurant fireplace.
Kindergarden celebrationKindergarden celebration
Kindergarden celebration

A few little angels among us entering the Monastery church.
Sighisoara from aboveSighisoara from above
Sighisoara from above

Each evening we had our dinner at the restaurant up on the hill opposite to the Citadel... the view was great!
The Furriers' TowerThe Furriers' Tower
The Furriers' Tower

and the little house with "eyes"...
A sketch of the fortressA sketch of the fortress
A sketch of the fortress

Dating 1662-1704...
Me & The PrinceMe & The Prince
Me & The Prince

At his service! Vlad Tepes had a busy agenda that weekend.. no time for visits

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