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May 15th 2009
Published: June 4th 2009
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May 15th to May 17th
We travelled to the Southern most tip of Romania on the Black Sea to a little seaside town called Vama Veche. We went there because our Let's Go guide had said it remains a destination for Romania's counterculture, with hippies, punks and goths flocking to camp on the nude beach and rock out under the stars. Sounds like paradise, right? Well, we didn't really see any punks but we found out that it only gets busy during the summer when students are on holiday from school. We figured we would get off the bus and make our way to the Sea to camp on the beach. One of our books said you could still camp on the beach and the other said it was not allowed. We didn't really have a chance to find out b/c a very persuasive but genuine woman named Maryanna was waiting for us at the bus stop and led us to her house. We ended up pitching our tent in her sandy backyard. The "little beach" as she called it. She didn't speak much English and we don't speak hardly any Romanian but we enjoyed each other's company anyways. We spent
on the bus to vama vecheon the bus to vama vecheon the bus to vama veche

we had to take a maxi taxi bus to Mangalia and then another maxi taxi bus to Vama Veche..
our days on the beach and I did jump in the water, finally! I was so nervous to jump in b/c after a couple of feet, you can't see below the water. The waves were pretty forceful and I didn't know how deep it was. I hadn't been in salt water for years and was scared of possible jellyfish or the seaweed wrapping around me. But all these men kept running and jumping in and I wanted to be the first woman of the day to run and jump in. So, I stood there for probably 20 minutes trying to get my courage up and then I just did it. It was great! I loved tasting the salt water! And we finally heard some rock music b/c all we have heard in Romania so far is Lady Gaga. (Eli, I know you love this poker face song but if you were in Europe and have heard it over and over and over, you would hate it as much as we do now, as well) The bars in Vama Veche stay open past 5am. We heard people screaming lyrics to The Clash's- Should I Stay or Should I Go Now at
Maryanna's houseMaryanna's houseMaryanna's house

with cazarre on top level
around 6am. Tages also ate what was her favorite pizza in Romania. And we drank a delicious dark beer called Ursus Dark. yum!

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camping on the beachcamping on the beach
camping on the beach

camping or not...we weren't sure. later on we saw a few tents on the beach.
cool pirate storecool pirate store
cool pirate store

but closed...
punk rock hostelpunk rock hostel
punk rock hostel

still in construction phase...
our stray friendour stray friend
our stray friend

this dog followed us all over vama veche, even to the bar!
planning, planningplanning, planning
planning, planning

planning our next move...
and in...and in...
and in...

europe means business!europe means business!
europe means business!

smoking warnings are serious here!
delicious romanian beer!delicious romanian beer!
delicious romanian beer!

we took this one for you, Al! You are missing some delicious dark beer!!!
point it...point it...
point it...

thanks to Sarah, our point it book is really coming in handy! "do you have ice?"
fettucine alfredofettucine alfredo
fettucine alfredo

probably one of our best meals in romania was in Vama Veche

probably one of our best meals in romania was in vama veche

12th June 2009

omg. the beer by the beach made my eyes tear up a little bit. just a little bit. i wish i was there!!!! so awesome!
23rd June 2009

Food on vama veche
It's sad that ur best meal was in vama veche, we romanians have great traditionaly food! hope u will return and find out :)
27th June 2009

Food on vama veche
I know I wish we could have tried traditional Romanian food, but we're vegetarian and the language barrier is a bit much for us to request vegetarian meals! if we're ever in Romania again we'll take your suggestions :%

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