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May 12th 2009
Published: June 3rd 2009
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Tuesday, May 12th. Journal entry...."on train to Constanta. so far the country has seemed nice, green, brown and peaceful. I've seen lots of railway workers asleep in the field right next to the train tracks. and goats and dogs atop heaps of trash. and people plowing the fields and traditional looking Romanian women with scarves tied under their chin."
We wanted to travel to the black sea after Bucharest for a couple of reasons. One, I love large bodies of water so much and wanted to see another sea. Also, Tages had an uncle that she loved very much named Uncle Connie and he was from Constanta. We knew there were not any hostels or camping in Constanta but figured a nice lady would approach us at the train station and offer us a cheap room in her house. We stood there acting lost with the map but no one came up to us. We felt like losers! 😊 So, we walked to what our Lonely Planet guide said was the only budget hotel in Constanta. It was a cheap, 2 star hotel (wow! really? that many stars?) so we decided to splurge on some privacy for once in a very
waiting for our train to constantawaiting for our train to constantawaiting for our train to constanta

this is where we saw a man get his leg bit by a stray dog..scary. he kicked the dog very hard after it bit him. our train came and it startled the dog and it bit the closest leg to him. we were about 5 legs away, thankfully..
long time. We stayed in Constanta at Hotel Tineretului for 3 lovely days.

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on our way to Constantaon our way to Constanta
on our way to Constanta

the Romanian countryside to the SouthEast
Room #202Room #202
Room #202

you always get a remote control when checking into hotels we found out..
our showerour shower
our shower

unfortunately, it ran out of hot water most of the day.
tages on the balconytages on the balcony
tages on the balcony

the view was beautiful!
our viewour view
our view

view from our balcony. every night i would watch the stray dogs down below running, playing, barking, looking for food. i would also see the kindest romanians coming out to feed them. i also saw a man poke one dog with a hot poker to keep him away from the man's grilling meats. then when his back was turned, the dog grabbed the meat off the grill and ran to his pack and gave it to his mates. these stray dogs are very street smart and seem to stick together to survive.
Hotel TineretuluiHotel Tineretului
Hotel Tineretului

The hotel had very poor lighting. Our hallway was almost completely dark at night.
statue by our hotelstatue by our hotel
statue by our hotel

this statue seems to honor dogs and even had the same stray dog sleeping by it every day.
merde nemerde ne
merde ne

this was one of our favorite parts of constanta! tages said she had been waiting 15 years to eat these delicious Romanian pastries again and we found them! the tovars' family friends who were romanian used to make them and tages had craved them ever since she was little. laura had written down the name on a card and tages went hunting for them. delicious!
green light districtgreen light district
green light district

one night the hotel popped in a mysterious green light at the end of our hallway. we joked that aliens had moved in.
yes, mom, this one is for you...yes, mom, this one is for you...
yes, mom, this one is for you...

yes, i will admit, ghost whisperer came on tv and we just had to watch, mostly so i could tell my mom that i watched her beloved show.

3rd June 2009

statue by the port
I wonder if that statue by the port was supposed to be 3 of the disciples who had fished long into the night without getting anything. Then Jesus told them to throw their nets over the other side of the boat and it was filled with fish so heavy they could hardly bring it in.
8th June 2009

I actually typed "pasties", but whatevs. I'm glad you got to stay in a hotel and live the high life!
30th July 2010

Lonely Planet Sucks
Lonely planet is full with false info about constanta due to the lack of the central autorities to promote this city. Tineretului is not the best place to stay. I recomand you Carol hotel 5* loated at lats say 500meters from tineretului, or IBIS, or cherica4*. Olso constanta is very reach in Museums and touristical atractions. Olso in the northern part it lies Mamaia resort a neighborhood of Constanta city, the main point of interest on Romanian Riviera. For more details visit http://discover-constanta.blogspot.com

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