Chill out day on our campsite in the Portuguese sand dunes.

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June 21st 2014
Published: June 23rd 2014
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Though we do not really like the campsite, we had decided to spend what was forecast as a hot sunny day at the seaside as after this we move inland.

Actually the wind got up and blew some clouds in, so strong in fact that we had to roll the awning in as a precaution. We didn’t really move from Tandy until after lunch when the wind had eased a little and the sun had fully reappeared.

Back to the beach. The way to and from the beach is really not at all a pleasure and I would not do it a 3rd time but the only way is through that pipe walkway so we did it.

We had walked a mile south yesterday so today we went North, sea on the left. I had an ulterior motive (and my wallet bearing bag was on my shoulder).

I had spotted some little ‘tent’ things in the distance the day before and sure enough, as we approached we could see there was a little café. And the café was open. Icecreams all round.

I do love Almond Magnums and regret their general unavailability in the UK.

We were glad there were no alerts on the beach as the life-guards were playing cards in the café but have to say that as soon as a group of children did appear and go into the sea the lifeguard immediately appeared and positioned himself in readiness for an emergency rescue.

We did have a lovely walk, only spoiled by the necessity of returning to the campsite via the horrid walkway.

Then to the pool as the sea once again had failed to attract for a swim especially given the danger signs posted on the beach in places.

The pool was unfortunately not a pleasant place to be. This was Sunday and the pool was full. Noisy and splashy. Nothing at all unreasonable about that but we are more accustomed to quiet out of season pools where we can swim a few lengths then have a peaceful read. So I did my 10 (long) lengths then we returned to Tandy.

Tomorrow we head inland to the Portugal mountains and National Park area.

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