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Europe » Portugal » Northern » Vila do Conde August 30th 2019

My first day on the Camino Portuguese started well. I woke up about 6:30am and was ready to go by 7:15. Breakfast was free but I didn’t want to wait until 8am to eat, so off I went, to the cathedral to officially start. For the next hours I struggled to find the yellow arrows that marked the way! I’d decided to just take the more popular central route, but in my “wandering” around to stay on the path, I received all sorts of directions from Portuguese people, and ended up on the coastal route after all, too far from the central to be worth the distance and time. I realized I was on the coastal route when I encountered a nice Camino sign, that showed me how I could get to the central route, and ... read more
My trekking poles & the 1st Camino Portuguese Marker
The Burger King, where I'd hoped to take a break
1st break at Torres D'Avenda Confeitaria

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Vila do Conde June 21st 2014

Though we do not really like the campsite, we had decided to spend what was forecast as a hot sunny day at the seaside as after this we move inland. Actually the wind got up and blew some clouds in, so strong in fact that we had to roll the awning in as a precaution. We didn’t really move from Tandy until after lunch when the wind had eased a little and the sun had fully reappeared. Back to the beach. The way to and from the beach is really not at all a pleasure and I would not do it a 3rd time but the only way is through that pipe walkway so we did it. We had walked a mile south yesterday so today we went North, sea on the left. I had an ... read more
The rather lovely beach - this was the only bit with pebbles as there was a little area of rocks close to the shore.
No swimming from this part of the sea - the rocks made it dangerous as well as the too strong currents..
Those little tents were my target for the walk as sure enough they were associated with a little beach cafe selling icecream.

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Vila do Conde June 20th 2014

Today a really easy drive. Bob asked, as we were packing up, if I wanted to hang around for a while as it was a bit early given it would take us less than an hour to get to the next site. Ha ha ha. The campsite we were aiming for was just on the other side of the river mouth across from Viano do Castelo. The idea being that we would spend a couple of nights here and visit the town. Best laid plans and all that. We arrived in Viano do Castelo and all was well. Looked to be a very nice place for our visit the next day. All we had to do was find the bridge to get us across the river to our campsite. That was easier said than done. Clarissa ... read more
Viano do Castelo looks a nice place to visit. Sigh.
Viano do Castelo - the diversion sign which was supposed to tell us the bridge was closed !
Viano do Castelo - went past 3 times so thought I'd take a photo 3rd time round

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