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March 9th 2018
Published: March 10th 2018
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Toronto - London - Lisbon - Day 1

Left LATE at night (10:30) on British Airways787 headed for Heathrow in London. Most uncomfortable flight I have ever taken! Seats were very cramped, no turbulence thank God!

Once we did arrive we were supposed to have a 4 hour layover that turned into a 6 hour one. Boarding the Airbus A320 was soooo nice and roomy for a smaller plane. no turbulence on this flight until we started our approach. Have you ever noticed how some passengers start clapping when the plane lands? not sure if this is because they think the pilot pulled off some miracle or they just never thought they would touch terra firma again. Well on this flight there was wicked cross winds, the plane was bouncing sideways and dipping, Elke was into the deep breathing excercises and at the last moment the pilot jerked it to the right and set it on the ground like he was parking a minivan.. I was amazed! The rest of the passengers???? nothing. dead silence.. People are weird.

Another peculiarity.... very much like Italy you wonder why they even have customs guards. 2 check points, stamped the passports and was never asked a question.

Grabbed a taxi to the hotel with a very friendly driver who told us about many special places in and around Lisbon. Hotel staff were also very friendly as we were checking in.

Quick change and off to the rooftop restaurant for a spectacular dinner. Trying to find a white wine that is like chardonnay.... the search continues. The port so far??? outstanding.

For those of you who have not read our blog before you will notice a lot of food pictures. We like to try the different foods where ever we go and this helps us remember what we had so we can recreate them when we get back.

Tomorrow we are off to visit a Templar Knights Castle and Convent..

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Poultry LeaversPoultry Leavers
Poultry Leavers

Yep that's the way it was written on the menu. we really didn't know what I was getting until the late landed. But these chicken LIVERS were fantastic!

This will tell you how good the sauce was.

11th March 2018

Very good that you made it safely. Looking more like your Dad without the stache.
11th March 2018

Green wine
Have you tried the green wine yet? Mmmmm leavers. LOL.

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