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April 8th 2018
Published: April 9th 2018
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Sunday morning, it is beautiful and bright, and we are anticipating today's activities. Mike, and I figured that we would do a quick load of laundry, eat a good breakfast, and then head out. By 11am, the four of us were Ubering to an area called Rossio, Lisbon's historic center. This peaceful square, with its beautiful wave-like mosaics and flowing fountains, belied its infamous past, tho. Both the headquarters of the Inquisition and the 16th-century slave markets were located here. Every culture has its sad, dark side, no? The Portuguese people tore down the old buildings, and, in their place, built a beautiful theater.

North of the plaza, starts a long, tree-lined boulevard called Avenda da Liberdade, that works its way up to the newer, more modern part of town. It is Lisbon's answer to the Champs Elysees. Fancy stores with their motif's set in the mosaic sidewalks and big windows, gave us lots to look at during our stroll. Within the center parks and ornate fountains, we found a mama duck, teaching her teeny babies to navigate a multi level pond. By the time we arrived at the Gloria funicular to head up the next humungous hill, the clouds arrived.

Lunch, anyone? A little planning history: Prior to leaving on this trip, we all watched a Netflix travel show called Somebody Feed Phil, about cool places to eat in Lisbon. The four of us decided to take the circuitous 1.5 mile wander through the Bairro Alto neighborhood to a trio of recommended eateries. Up hills and down narrow streets, there were little squares and alleys covered in an enormous amount of graffiti; but there were also cute alcoves and tiny, sweet gardens that peeked out around the corners of buildings.

Managing to get lost once, the four weary travelers arrived, only to find the pizza place closed for lunch on Sundays. Boo! But wait, the organic Wurst Salsicharia, was open and serving the best Austrian dogs in town. Gelato an Nannarella was amazing! Thanks, Phil, we will be back for the pizza!

The pouring rain put a damper on our adventurous spirit so we headed home for the day. Reading, napping, and watching Sunday news programs, filled what was left of the afternoon. Karen and Glen went for a walk during a break in the rain and came back with dinner. Yay! No rain expected for tomorrow AND the housekeepers come. Double Yay!

Today's Learning Experience: if someone says that they have a washer and a dryer, make sure said dryer is a machine that dries your clothes, not a rack to dry your clothes. On a soggy day, it may save you hours of time. Just sayin'.

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9th April 2018

Oh how you are making us miss Lisbon! Three days there weren’t nearly enough and we’re determined to go back and spend more time there. We love following along each day to see what new adventures you’ve been on. We can relate to and had a chuckle about the washer and “dryer” situation. Drying clothes took over the entire apartment for our family of six for only one day’s with of clothes, lol! Enjoy the rest of your trip. :)

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