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Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Almada February 2nd 2023

I forgot to send this back in November. I was golfing in Portugal back in 2002. Not long after 9-11, my buddy Mike and I went golfing in Spain and Portugal. We decided we were not going to let a bunch of terrorists dictate our lives and travel plans. We spent a week in Spain, on the Costa del Sol (Puerto Banus), and a week on the Algarve, with side trips, including Seville and Lisboa. Since then, I have returned to Spain, but not Portugal. Why has it taken so long to return? First, why is Lisbon called Lisboa by some people, me included? Many think it is just the translation from another language. Why is Christopher Columbus called Cristobal Colon in Spanish, Cristoforo Colombo in Italian, and Christophorus Columbus in Latin? In French, Lisbon is ... read more
Lisboa streetcars
Pastel de Nata

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Almada April 16th 2018

Monday: SUN, YIPPEE!!! Today, Mike and I decided to take an Uber across the April 25 Bridge and visit the 300 ft Cristo Rei statue. This is kind of a San Francisco meets Rio de Janeiro scene. Red suspension bridge and Jesus over-looking Lisbon. The artwork at this pilgrimage site is surprisingly modern in its style and is present in all of the chapels. We took the elevator to the top of the base where we could get a different view of the city that we have had on the opposite side of the river. The park around the monument had a religious vibe with the Stations of the Cross and chanting but also an open, nature trail feeling along the river. Glen, Karen, Mike & I had decided this morning to meet for lunch at ... read more
Selfie w Jesus
The steps to lunch?

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Almada March 23rd 2016

23-03-16: Arrived in Lisbon after sleeping the whole flight, waited an hour for my friend to arrive and then jumped on the metro to the city. Had to change in Sao Sebastian to go to Reatauradores and from there we could walk. We did not have the name or adress of our hostel written down, tried asking for directions but asking how to find G-Spot hostel was not super tempting. We managed to find some wi-fi and find it on Google maps and it was only a 10 min walk. Arrived around 21 at the hostel and the two young British guys that checked us in where both already a bit drunk but super nice and very helpful, gave us a map and pointed out good spots to go. We went to the room with our ... read more
Lisbon 008
Lisbon 009
Lisbon 014

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Almada November 4th 2015

After breakfast we headed out on our bus ride to Lisbon, Portugal. We stopped at a pretty little Portuguese port town on our way to Lisbon, recommended by our bus driver, Mario. After a little walk around the town and a quick lunch it was time to head back on the bus. We reached Lisbon in early afternoon. It was too early for us to check into our hotel, so went to see the Christ the King statue. The Christ the King statue was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. It was erected to express gratitude because the Portuguese were spared the effects of World War II. You can apparently climb to the top of the statue to get a great view of Lisbon city. However, we decided to stay ... read more
Day 1, Lisbon 3
Day 1, Lisbon 4
Day 1, Lisbon 5

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Almada August 29th 2013

Day in Lisbon It was just another day in Portugal, sun shining, birds chirping, no. Wait. That's not right, this is only my second day in this small but exuberant country, and I'm excited! If you read the Lonely Planet guide you could spend a week here just exploring all the different districts, I'm quite thankful I'm on a pre organized vacation with just the right amount of inclusions but optional time to do my own thing also. Our morning sightseeing included parks, cathedrals, history with a local guide, castles and hidden treasures to melt any palette. It had been suggested by Brad from Insight that I simply MUST go to this pastry shop and have a true delight. When I asked out TD he almost looked crest fallen as it turns out this place was ... read more
UNESCO Heritage Site Lisbon

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Almada August 29th 2013

Last night we had a great welcome reception that led left no man hungry, in the old district of Alfama. It beauty was being a quaint restaurant slightly below grade, with the original floor pre-earthquake which was quite cool. There was an old church from the 1600th century just 2 door shown that managed to survive, of course I have a heap of photos but on my SLR and they are in raw format so can't show you until I get home. Should just start taking photos with my iPad, if only for blogging! This morning we left for our full day of sightseeing, and man was it packed and wonderful. However the most interesting part of my day was when I decided to go stroll the streets of Portugal, and listening once again to Lonely ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Almada August 28th 2013

Welcome to Portugal What can I say? I never thought 32 degrees would feel quite so refreshing, but after 6 days of cool breezes in Switzerland, I'm loving it. Lets just say I now know why Switzerland is SO green and lush; Ireland may be known as the Green Isle, but Switzerland could take the Green landlocked country hands down! Got caught in a flash rain storm in St Gallen walking to the train station so was literally drenched when I arrived. Still managed to get a Starbucks before I left. I generally don't blog much about the actual travel however today had been a series of minor hiccups that all one can do is laugh. as i said to someone while I stood dripping water outside the train station, this is my 'fake happy' face! ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Almada January 8th 2012

When I first decided to plop myself in Lisbon, it was out of indolence. I really didn’t want to visit every Michelin 3-star, so Lisbon was the perfect place-there just weren’t any. I would sit in the pastelarias and drink the tiny cups of motor oil they call coffee. Well after 7 months of research, I realized that scenario wasn’t going to happen. Lisbon is a very large city, 1.2 million people and too vast to conquer on foot (as I did in Amsterdam). Yes, we perched at Hotel Miraparque, centrally located on the Parque Eduardo VII, but the true jewels of Lisbon – Torre de Belem (a fortress on the water, the symbol of Lisbon, where Vasco De Gama left town for India), Christo Rei (Christ with arms open on a mountain overlooking the city), ... read more
Baixa/Praca dos Comercio
Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Almada June 30th 2011

Portugal our whirlwind stop off before Spain, actually turned out to be one of the more interesting (and scary) places we have visited. We arrived at the Charles de Gaulle airport just as the airline was finishing up the check-ins!!! So we hurried up to the counter and got checked in only to find that our bags were 6kg overweight! As we were quickly running out of time it was simply a matter of paying for the extra weight at a rate of €12 per kg which wasn't too bad but did mean we had to line up again wasting more time, as we had just been advised that the plane was waiting for us. So we rushed through customs and ran towards our gate only to find a line of about 40 people who hadn't ... read more
Other side of the archway

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Almada June 28th 2011

Yesterday, something awful happened. Something that would make every woman gasp in shock and quiver with fear. Yes, I lost my concealer. Normally, I would make do with an extra layer of make-up or a giant pair of sunglasses, but when you're backpacking through Europe, every hour of lost sleep shows up under your eyes. In a nutshell, I look like a swamp monster. Literally. Coming to terms with the loss of my concealer required each stage of the grief cycle. First; shock and denial, then anger. I threw a tantrum even my 2 year-old self would be proud of. I was like a madwoman, throwing things in the air and overturning pillows and mattresses, desperately searching for that beloved cream that would make me look more like a young lady and less like Shrek's mistress. ... read more

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