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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot November 27th 2018

We awoke to a bright blue sky. The low clouds of yesterday blown away in the sudden downpour after returning from Stadion Energa. The breakfast in the Hotel Farenheit was top rate. The only minor drawback was the speed at which the coffee machine dispensed it’s latte. We sent the Main in the Middle off in an advance party to prepare the beverages. The other two are always keen on a boat trip, so when I suggested a gentle meander along the river towards the sea they were both up for it. The target was the peninsula at Westerplatte. Westerplatte was the site of minor Polish military fortifications in 1939 that had been sanctioned in the Free City by the Treaty of Versailles, as the world stumbled to another major conflict. It was here that the ... read more
Sopot Pier
Sopot Pier
Sopot Pier

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot November 24th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! When I came back from two weeks in Japan and Qatar, after over 40 hours awake and on the move, I booked a trip to Gdańsk in Poland flying from my local airport in Växjö. It was only EUR 20 for a return flight so I figured that even if the season wasn't exactly right for the destination it should be nice enough anyway for that cost. Plus that I haven't been to Poland since 2009 anyway so I figured it would be nice to go back there. This was my first time flying from my local airport but I knew it's a small one, even so I made sure to arrive in good time before the flight but it was quite unnecessary as it only caused me to wait for quite ... read more
Joanna and Frania
Joanna's Pottery

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot February 20th 2012

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot July 31st 2011

Lovely day today =) Woke up relatively early - my dormies made a lot of noise getting up and leaving - but I managed to fall back asleep. I headed out to Sopot around 10h - a nice little beach-resort about 10min away by the dreaded commuter train. Thankfully, this time there was a lot more space on the train. Weather wasn't really in my favour for the beach - it was supposed to be overcast and spit rain - but I had my bathing suit just in case. I spent a good chunk of time roaming up and down the main street, looking at all the cafes and restaurants. I passed by the church, but didn't go in since I believe there was a mass going on... After lunch I grabbed a gofry - essentially, ... read more
Angry clouds.
Chillin' on the pier.

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot July 20th 2009

Witajcie po raz kolejny! Mam zaszczyt zaprosic Was wszystkich - wiernych i przygodnych czytelnikow mojego bloga, rodzinke, przyjaciol i znajmoych i nieznajomych na prezentacje moich zdjec do klubu RockZ w Gdyni na ulicy Warszawskiej 5, o godzinie 20.00 w czwartek 23 lipca '09!!! Zapraszam wszystkich ktorzy mnie znaja albo chca poznac. Pozdrawiam Agnieszka... read more

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot July 20th 2009

W ostatni czwartek wrocilam do Europy!!!!!!!!!!!Yupi!! W niedziele przyjechalam do Polski i szykuje dla wszystkich Was niespodzianke dlatego pliss sprawdzajcie bloga zeby dowiedziec sie o szczegoly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do uslyszenia i zobaczenia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agusia... read more

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot August 17th 2008

We headed for the beach of Poland, Sopot!!! I am from Wrightsville Beach and during the summer time it can be as hot as 100 degrees and sunny and the water is in the 80's but in Sopot it was 60 degrees and the water was around freezing, that is what it felt like. We spent our time walking around when the weather allowed and spent then rest of the time in the hotel having some good family time playing cards and watching the Olympics. Sopot is really the beach resort for Poland, there was a lot of construction going on but it was still very nice for Poland. The Sopot pier is the longest wooden pier in Europe and we walked on it is a gale! just east of Sopot is Gdansk where the Solidaridy ... read more
a wonderful beach vacation
the pillings out to the sea
another church with a big organ

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot July 9th 2008

The little white beast……… So I could either sit on my butt (dupa) for 1 week or see as much as I can before Russia. So what the heck?! I rented a car, my little white Fiat. Thank god for my few experiences driving in Poland already, because I don't know if I would've had the confidence or I would have had at least more stress and problems on the road. I won't lie, I did feel very nervous at the start and the first 5 mins I stalled a couple fo times and yes in the middle of an intersection! And i was beeped at alot, but you should see me now! Just one of the Poles, I like the way they drive, very similar to me. I had researched my trip heavily, armed with ... read more
Gate & Wall to the city
Me at the lakes
My gold ticket

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot May 1st 2008

So this was the beginning of my week trip with my Marine Biology class to Hel and Gdansk Poland. Our trip was from March 9th-14th. After a late night of wine and painting with some paints we got from Tiger, which is a great store filled with cheap useless things haha, it was time to get up and go to the airport. This nice thing here is you can just hop on the metro and it takes you straight to the airport, almost literally inside of it. And the metro trains don't have any drivers, so it's like being on a roller coaster because the front of it is all glass so you can see into the tunnel. So you always see all the children and tourists up in the front seats, its pretty funny. Anyway, ... read more
Group Shot on the beach
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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot September 17th 2007

Geo: 54.44, 18.56Breakfast was some pastries purchased on the way to the train station. A sausage patty-stuffed foccacia-like cheese bun - very good. This was probably the best pastry I have ever had in Eastern Europe - but in my extensive history of pastry-eating, it probably ranks no higher than 185th or so. The apple turnover was a little tough, but the filling was good. A chewy multi-grain cheese stick, and a burnt hot dog bun rounded out the meal. Mary Moment #54: Mary twisted her thumb this morning and asked me to kiss it better. I told her that I kiss, but only French-style. She quietly put her hand in her pocket and never said another word about it ... We arrived in Hel - we walked through town to a crappy little beach. We ... read more

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